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Basic Information

 Marcy is the youngest member of the Acacia Dragoon Devas. She lives in Viper Manor under the supervision of Luccia. In battle she uses a glove as a weapon, and her innate color is blue. 


The first time Serge tries to enter Viper Manor Marcy intercepts him in the library. She is defeated, causing her to have a deep hatred of Serge. She challenged the party again at mount Pyre only to be defeated once again. When the four Acacia Dragoons find General Viper wounded from Lynx's attack Marcy gathers up the shards of the Dragon Tear. 
Marcy is the last child Zelbess had with Fargo. Since Fargo had a falling out with General Viper he had to leave, so when Zelbess died Marcy was left an orphan. She was taken in by Luccia. Luccia let Marcy do whatever she wanted as she raised her from a distance causing Marcy to become spoiled. When Luccia moved to Viper Manor she brought Marcy with her. Marcy became a mamber of the Dragoons and quickly reached the rank of Deva. During her travels with Serge she finds out that Nikki is her brother and Fargo is her father, so she feels a special connection with the demi-humans of Marbule.       

How to recruit

Marcy joins the party automatically after you rescue Riddel.  


Cat's Cradle - Acquired at star level 3. Marcy twirls string in the air entangling a single enemy.
Strong Phone - Acquired at star level 19. Marcy twirls string in the air creating individual lines to an enemy. She then shoots ice along the lines.
Web Surfer - Acquired at star level 40. Marcy creates an earthquake. 

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