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National Pokedex No: - #179

Type - Electric

Found in: Johto, Sevii (altering Cave), Sinnoh

Evolves At: Level 15

Evolutionary Chain

Mareep (Level 15)--> Flaaffy (Level 30) --> Ampharos


Mareep is an electric type Pokémon that evolves into Flaaffy at level 15. Mareeps resemble sheep. They have yellow wool which can store static electricity. The size of a Mareep is related to how much electricity it has stored in its wool. The more electricity, the larger the Mareep. The amount of electricity Mareep stores also affects the brightness of the sphere at the tip of its tail, which shines brighter as more electricity is stored. Other defining physical characteristics of Mareeps are their blue head and legs, as well as their tails and ears which are black with stripes of yellow.

Mareep as seen in the animé.

Mareep can be found in grassy areas and tend to avoid battles. They are often farmed for their wool, which is made into clothing and other items of fabric.

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