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Margot is one of the random encounters wandering the streets of Liberty City in the Grand Theft Auto IV DLC pack The Ballad Of Gay Tony. At some point prior to the events of Gay Tony, protagonist Luis Lopez had a one night stand with Margot. This led her to 'fall in love' with Luis and subsequently start to pursue him. From what is seen of her in her meetings with Luis, Margot is mentally unstable and prone to making rash decisions, usually to her detriment. 


Luis may encounter Margot twice over the course of The Ballad of Gay Tony. In their first meeting, outside a nightclub, Margot reveals to Luis that she has taken an overdose of pills in a suicide attempt. This prompts Luis to drive her to the hospital, where she gets her stomach pumped. In their second encounter, on the balcony of a building, Margot attempts to win Luis over before leaping to her death. With witnesses believing that Margot was pushed, Luis must get out of the area and avoid police attention.

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