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Maria is a strong-willed, motherly woman who loves her four daughters dearly. She always remain cheerful which shows her strength of character and to present herself as a parental figure to her daughters. Maria also has an uncanny ability to read people's thoughts and she gladly extends a helping hand if her children encounters trouble.

Maria works as a nurse at a hospital. Her husband (who remains unnamed) has a weak constitution and passed away soon after Maria gave birth to her youngest daughter Ruruka. Arisa and Sanae took up jobs to help support the family.

Maria is revealed to be a good drinker. She explains that Emiru is the best drinker in the family, and Sanae can't hold her alcohol.

Recently, Maria accepted Yusuke into her home as a request of his father who is her friend. Yusuke boards at her home while he attends school.

On Maria's route, Sanae reports that her expensive lingerie was stolen. Yusuke later finds out that the real culprits are Maria, Emiru, and Ruruka.

Also, Maria confronts Ruruka's stalker, helps Emiru's hobby of cosplaying be accepted in the family, and confronts the director at the kindergarten where Arisa works at. Based on the player's choice, Arisa's problem could either be solved easily or Maria falls victim to the director.

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