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Maria Thorpe was an English woman living during the times of the High Middle Ages, she joined the Templar Order prior to the Third Crusade.

Along time, she developed a strong relationship with the Templar Order's Grand Master, Robert de Sable, she eventually attained a high rank in the Order. In 1191, after the Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad killed eight of the Templar agents that were spread across the Holy Land, Maria was assigned by Robert to act as a decoy for him and trick the Assassin into pursuing the wrong target. The plan was successful, and Altaïr spared Maria's life. But Robert De Sable was killed shortly thereafter, and Armand Bouchart became the new Grand Master Of The Templar Order.

Bouchart believed women to be evil however, and did not find transport for her when the Templars moved to Cyprus. She Planned to find her own way there, but was defeated and captured by the assassin Altaïr before she could do so, She blamed Altaïr for ruining her reputation in the Order by killing Robert, she was taken with him to Cyprus and forced to help him take down the Templar Order.

She Unwillingly gave information to Altaïr and at several times escaped from the assassins, Maria slowly began to realize that the Templars' ambitions did not benefit humanity, and she grew close to Altaïr. Eventually, Altair had found his target, the templar archive to be hidden under Limmasol, which they infiltrated together, she ran ahead of Altair and fought against Bouchart alone. Maria was defeated however, Altaïr was able to defeat Armand and help Maria get out of the crumbling Archive.

Maria and Altair soon married in Cyprus, had two children, Darim and Sef. Maria died in 1227, during Abbas Sofian's coup to take control of the assassin order

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