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Dead Rising 2: Case West

Marian is the lead Director of the Phenotrans Facility located near Fortune City. She is first seen through multiple playback videos throughout the facility by Frank West and Chuck Greene, until eventually being confronted in person near the end. She is depicted as being bound to a wheelchair as well as having a severe bite mark on her face - most likely afflicted by a zombie.

She shows no remorse for her business practices, which included developing the drug Zombrex through the means of enacting zombie outbreaks for the queens so she can create more, and not to mention increasing the number of victims that require Zombrex as well. Despite her company forcing more and more people to become dependent on Zombrex for survival, there does in fact exist a cure, that Marian created with the help of her employee, Isabella Keyes' notes. She of course is in no rush to reveal such information to the world, as that would be ''bad for business''.

Marian manages to escape, after setting the facility to explode, during the ending of Case West, though she will no doubt appear sooner or later in the next Dead Rising entry.

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