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Sorry fanboys

My apologise as I can tell this review may probably piss people off. It's not that I am not a Mario Kart fan, in fact I am a huge one, but Mario Kart 64 just doesn't deliver what it should. I absolutely loved the original for the SNES but my love for this classic Nintendo spinoff series doesn't stop there. The gameboy, gamecube, DS, and Wii versions of Mariokart were all great and adictively fun to play. In Mario Kart 64 it sure was nice to see the series being displayed in full 3D glory but with dull track design, horrible character animations, and very very limited bonus features to add any sort of replay value to the game; the fun begins to run out of fuel quicker than expected. Sure this game was awesome to play when you invited several friends over but when you have no one to play against the fun is gone and the game will sit in you collection just gathering dust. Even when compared to other racers of that time on the other platforms the game did not stand to well. Even when compared to Nintendo's own F-Zero X the game was not as good. Now I know Mario Kart is a different sort of racer yet even when comparing it to the rest of the franchise this game ranks at the bottom of my list when it comes to favorite Mario Kart games.

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