The most transparent difficulty in any game ever?

#1 Posted by Matoya (416 posts) -

Has anyone else noticed how completely terrible the AI is in this game, at least in regards to the rubber banding? I mean I know games like this need it to make it playable in some regards, but this game is fucking so rife with it, it's almost unplayable in single player.

I mean shit like the cars just SOMEHOW going faster than you at all times, or the AI dropping 3/4 coins when we havent even seen any coins on the track yet? Or being hit with 2 shells then a lightning the second you get a star?

#2 Posted by Hunkulese (2870 posts) -

@Matoya: First Mario Kart game?

#3 Posted by coakroach (2492 posts) -

First Kart game?

#4 Posted by WarlockEngineerMoreDakka (428 posts) -

@Hunkulese said:

@Matoya: First Mario Kart game?

Pretty much this. :\

With the exception of the very first Mario Kart, the Mario Kart series has always relied on rubber-band AI for its single player.

@Matoya said:

I mean I know games like this need it to make it playable in some regards

NO. JUST NO. >:(

There are at least a few racing games out there that thoroughly prove that rubber-band AI is just a crutch developers use to hide their shoddy AI programming skills.

Blur is the most recent one I can think of that showcases how good a racer's single player can be without outrageous rubber-band AI. At the very least if Blur DID have rubber-band AI, it didn't blatantly rely on it and excelled at hiding that detail.

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