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Best Mario Kart Yet 0

Let me break it down in chunks.Graphics: Best in the series. Better than Wii, and this is a handheld console. The graphics are also glassesless 3d. This makes Mario Kart 7 the best playing and looking racing game anyone can play in 3D on a handheld.Sound: The results song is the same song as in Mario Kart 64. That song brings back more memories than any other thought of Mario Kart 64 for me. I have played and recorded many covers of that wonderful 11/8 Jazz groove.Gameplay: It seems just as bala...

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Mario Kart 7 Review 0

With every Nintendo platform, a new version of Mario Kart will always be present. In the latest addition to the franchise, Mario Kart returns to the 3DS triumphantly, adding some new tracks and a neat additions. Even though Mario Kart 7 still uses the same design as before, you can’t help but fall in love with the game all over again the moment you begin playing once again.The core mechanics of the game are still the same. You select a character from one of the many, iconic Mushroom Kingdom fig...

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7 is not always a lucky number. 0

It looks like 7 is not always a lucky number, as I am for the first time actually disappointed with a Mario Kart game. But before I start rambling about what went wrong, I would like to first point out the positives.Peachy!I really liked the originality, design, visuals and layout of some of the tracks like Piranha Plant Slide, Rainbow Road, Shy Guy Bazaar, DK Jungle, Music Park, Bowser’s Castle and Wario’s Shipyard. The new Rainbow Road is definitely the best and most amazing Rainbow Road in th...

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sticking to standards 0

The words I’d use to describe Mario Kart 7 are “sticking to standards”. It’s pretty much a given that whenever there’s a new Nintendo system there will be a new Mario kart, no exceptions. And with the kind of sales the series gets, it’s a sure bet that, as long as Nintendo exists there is always going to be a new Mario kart, but is that a good thing? While the jury will most likely never be out on that one, I can say that Mario kart 7 will get the job done if you’re looking to have some fun with...

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One of Mario's longest running spin-offs could use a tune-up 0

Ah, the good ol' mascot kart racer, one of the most popular forms of platformer spin-offs in the market. The trend was set by none other than Nintendo's leading man himself in 1992 with Super Mario Kart, a game that not only had a dozen dazzling tracks and multiplayer functionality but also introduced Mode 7 to the SNES, allowing for a more dignified, flat racing experience. Needless to say, gamers fell in love with the title, and it became a critical success. In tandem, Nintendo released a Mari...

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