jasondesante's Mario Kart 7 (Nintendo 3DS) review

Best Mario Kart Yet

Let me break it down in chunks.

Graphics: Best in the series. Better than Wii, and this is a handheld console. The graphics are also glassesless 3d. This makes Mario Kart 7 the best playing and looking racing game anyone can play in 3D on a handheld.

Sound: The results song is the same song as in Mario Kart 64. That song brings back more memories than any other thought of Mario Kart 64 for me. I have played and recorded many covers of that wonderful 11/8 Jazz groove.

Gameplay: It seems just as balanced as Mario Kart Wii, which I would say was the most fair and balanced one of the series up to that point. It is just as tight, but feels more challenging in the higher up, forcing you to stay close to second place and race consistantly good instead of pulling away then going steady for the rest of it. Love them or hate them, those blue shells force you to always be the better driver, which I believe is the point.

There are underwater and flying sections, which are a first. You can customize your Kart, which is new in the series and has an impact on the gameplay. You can change the body and tires and more. The levels are designed with this in mind and provide a lot of variety. You can play multiplayer with 1 cartridge. Theres online racing, you can join community groups inside the Mario Kart community, and theres streetpass.

There is a first person mode where you can use the motion controls to turn. I personally had no problem using the 3d feature and motion controls at the same time. It seems like the 3d visuals are getting tweaked with every new release by nintendo, which is very awesome to see. 16 new tracks. 16 old tracks

New: Community features. Groups. Customizable Karts. Gliding and underwater gameplay. 3d visuals. Streetpass. First person mode. New powerups: Fire Flower, Tanooki Tail and 7. (Yes 7 is a power up)

I can't complain about any part of this game. I can't downgrade its rating because it is so similar to previous Mario Kart games because they simply are near perfect, all of them, and a lot of people that should buy this game might not have played Mario Kart as much as us.

If this was my first Mario Kart, it would definitely be my favorite. Give it a little time, it might end up being my favorite. It already has my favorite Mario Kart song (MK64 Results) to shock and make me fall in love immediately, things are looking good.


Heres some more depth.

Map selection in online multiplayer lets everyone pick a map if they want and then goes through a mario party style slot machine selection process. It is something I have seen here first and it is an interesting solution similar to what valve is doing with voting with tf2 servers. Its a technical thing I think should be pointed out for people that appreciate those thoughtful forward thinking types of things.

The community features are awesome. Join my clan 26-6030-2792-2105

see you online! :D

Posted by Tireyo

I think the online multi-player is probably what makes this installment of Mario Kart very enjoyable. I wouldn't say that this is the best Mario Kart in the series, as I like Mario Kart DS a lot more, but it's still a good game. Nice review.

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