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A Bold Idea, Well Overdue 1

With very few installments over the years before Double Dash, Mario Kart is still one of the most recognizable and most anticipated titles to be released each time a new platform is released. The early demos of Double Dash frightened old players by being another Gamecube title to take an old franchise in a very new direction. What came out, however was one of the most exciting multiplayer experiences of the generation.The standard options are available, ofcourse, Gran Prix, Battle, Time Attack. ...

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Great Multiplayer. 1

Anyone who has played Mario Kart will either tell you that its stupid and pointless, or that its one of the best multi-player experiences available. I'm one of those people that think its an amazing multi-player gaming series, and Double Dash is no exception.The graphics, while not the best on the Gamecube, are still pretty good in my opinion, and much better than they need to be for a game like this where the sole purpose is chaos and fun. Its also a huge step up from Mario Kart 64's graphics, ...

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Double the fun 0

I only played Mario Kart Double Dash so many times, I never owned the game, but I have played at various of my friend's house. The game is fun, and well done, although at the same time just as annoying. It was a good idea to allow for 2 racers at once in each kart. The music is good plain and simple, the design are the same as they've even been. I should also point out this is the first Mario Kart game to have more than 8 characters in it (Although you have to use 2 at once, so I suppose it make...

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The best Mario Kart Game Yet 0

Mario Kart Double Dash is the best racing, Mario, and Gamecube game I've ever played in my life. The gameplay is excellent and same with the graphics and sound. And what's good about this game is that you can choose any combo you want. For example: If you can only choose the original combos such as Mario & Luigi or Peach & Daisy, the game would be boring and get a low score. But there is a kart restriction and it's there for a reason. Overall, this game is great. No racing game could bea...

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If you like mario kart get this game 0

Game-play: When this game first came out i paid this game 80 $ new because the gamecube was a new system.The whole idea of playing 2 players in a go kart is weel made because the person behind you can help you in the races and thats whats fun if you buy this game dont buy it new just buy it used because its not worth it buying this new.You can also choose a variety of character and theres allot of cool maps.This game isn`t the best mario kart game available but its still cool.Graphics : he graph...

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Bullet Point Review: Mario Kart Double Dash (GC) 2

What I liked: Tracks - Although there needs to be more of them, the tracks presented here are really really nice. Double Up- I really like the ability to have two people per kart. That means I'm able to have another person carrying more powerups/goodies. What I didn't like: Cheating - Once you get to the last 2 cups in the 150cc class races, the cheating from the A.I. is just out of control. They'll hit you with anything they have. I can't count the amount of times I was heading down the last...

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