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DS's best racer

Imagine getting items and throwing them at people. Imagine that you can get an item that: turns you into a bullet and makes you invincible, hit players so hard that they hurt themselves. Imagine that you have a 3-D game with graphics to match the GCN. Imagine if you can take this perfect game with you, anywhere. Imagine that you can play people around the world...

Mario Kart DS is an adaptation from Super Circuit. With nearly all of the old items and some new ones. You also have a variety of players/karts to choose from including: Yoshi, Mario Toad etc. The game also has familiar tracks from the old Mario karts like: Mushroom Bridge, Yoshi Circuit etc.
You also have the good old "Battle Mode" where you can play the computer/other players. You have the balloon battle, where you have three /one balloons and you have to try to get other player's balloons away. You also can create an emblem that will appear on your kart. Also the classic "Grand Prix" is there with the usual 50cc, 100cc, 150cc. But the biggest treat is the WiFi connection. By using the USB, WiFi wire, you can play people around the world!

It's just right to play and will take 30minutes to learn how to play. However it will take months to master the game. I spend about 3 hours playing it because I am usually busy. It's worth the value and the graphics are marvelous. Could be the best graphics on a DS game. Sound is good and I recommend this game. A must buy!

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