What is your favorite Mario Kart game and was it your first experience with the Mario Kart franchise?

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Crap.................... I don't remember putting the DS twice

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And you forgot Mario Kart Wii

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Super Mario Kart SNES was my first. The only other one I've played for an extended period of time is Mario Kart 64, which I like better than SMK. So I guess that makes it my favorite.
Having said that, I'll be interested in one for 3DS if they do more crazy levels in the vein of the Mario Galaxy games. Rainbow Road without the bleeding eyes.

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enjoyed mario kart for the SNES but the golden one for me is the N64 version.

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My favourite is Mario Kart Wii but my first experience was Mario Kart DS. 
#7 Posted by Brendan (8282 posts) -

Mario Kart for the snes is still the champ in my book.  

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My first Mario Kart was 64. I have so many good memories of playing Mario Kart 64 with my family.

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@Black_Rose:  I think the seconds DS is suppose to be wii but I remember putting the wii...............................i blame the internet
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Super Mario Kart for the SNES. I remember spending so much time on the battle level with pools and trying to use the feather to launch myself in them so my friends could never reach me.

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Mario Kart: Double Dash!! is by far the best game in the series.  The N64 and SNES games were fun back in the day, but they've become dated since then (not Super Mario Kart so much but Mario Kart 64 has aged horribly).  Mario Kart Wii was an attempt to "return to form" with only have one character per kart, but Double Dash has the best level design in my book.

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that's difficult to answer.
I chose MK Double Dash!!. My first Mario Kart experience was the original SNES game but that is certainly not my favorite. I like all of them a lot though. The most recent ones (on GCN, DS, Wii) are the ones I like best because the have the retro courses plus the modern refinements.
The Jeff-Gerstmann-Mario-Kart-Rule does not apply to me :)

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@moelarrycurly:  and I think your a crazy person
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Mario Kart 64 was the first and only one I've played. So it's my favorite.

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  "Hey, well that's just like your opinion, man." 
#16 Posted by JCTango (1367 posts) -

SNES version was the first for me.
I had so much fun playing that game.. still go back to it sometimes.  =).
I haven't played the other versions much, but I remember the gamecube version (or was it the n64 version o_O - don't remember - was at friend's house) being pretty fun also.

#17 Posted by MaFoLu (1859 posts) -

N64 was the first one I played, and also the one I remember being most fun. 
Double Dash is a pretty close second, though.

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@jadeskye said:
" enjoyed mario kart for the SNES but the golden one for me is the N64 version. "
Pretty much this.
#19 Posted by nukesniper (1312 posts) -

I liked Mario Kart 64 the most. 4 players and it looked a lot better. I do love the SNES version, but it is a bit painful to try to play. 

#20 Posted by Delorean (59 posts) -

I definitely view MarioKart 64 through rose-tinted glasses, but it's still my favourite.  That rainbow road course with giant neon Nintendo faces brings back so many great memories *sigh*

#21 Posted by Kyreo (4603 posts) -

I loved Double Dash because of the awesome co op business.

#22 Posted by geirr (2741 posts) -

Me and my friends have played every Mario Kart game excessively since the SNES, and our 3 favourites are 

  • Mario Kart Wii
  • Mario Kart Double Dash!! 
  • Mario Kart 64 
My first Zelda was on the NES, but above all I love Zelda 3 & Ocarina of Time. 
My first Mario was on the NES, but Galaxy 1 & 2 are my favorites. 
My first Metroid was on the NES, but the Prime series are my favourite.
#23 Posted by Daveyo520 (7136 posts) -

My 1st Mario Cart was 64 but I hate it. Double Dash is my favorite.  Also my 1st Zelda was a Link's Awakening  but my favorite one is A Link to the Past which I did not play until it came out for the GBA and I played many Zeldas until then.  
So my point is that I think they are wrong about your 1st being your favorite. 

#24 Posted by VilhelmNielsen (1749 posts) -

Goes for just about every franchise that appeared on the N64, that version is my favorite, for purely nostalgic reasons.

#25 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5302 posts) -

Super Mario Kart popped my cherry, but Mario Kart 64 taught me how to work it like a man.

#26 Posted by Gamer_152 (14126 posts) -

Mario Kart: Double Dash was my first and favourite experience of the franchise. I have some really good memories of me and my brother playing that back on the GameCube.

#27 Posted by fox01313 (5089 posts) -

While they all seem to be good, they do all seem to be slight improvements on the first one.

#28 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

I think if I played them all again today I would say Double Dash, some of the best track designs in the series so far, and biggest and best character selection
#29 Posted by UnsolvedParadox (1894 posts) -

My first experience was with Mario Kart 64, still by far my favourite. I'm surprised that 64 and first experience is the leading option on the poll so far.

#30 Posted by TheHBK (5590 posts) -

I am with Jeff here and will say that only Real Men play Super Mario Kart.  No barriers on rainbow road or rubber band racing for me motherfucker.  Items get used up and don't come back.  Yup, that is the real shit.

#31 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

Even after the awesome 3DS game, Mario Kart 64 is still the best.

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My first Mario Kart experience was MK64 even though I love that game I recognize Mario Kart DS as the better Mario Kart experience I had.

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The only thing that I really care about in Mario Kart is N64 Rainbow Road. And maybe battle mode a little bit.

Mario Kart 64, first experience.

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My favorite out of the series is MK64. It's not the best, SMK would be the best, but it was the most fun to play especially with 3 of my best friends who were over every single day since I was the only one with an N64, they all had PS and if it wasn't for me their childhoods would have been deprived. It's a well known fact that kids who grew up without N64 are more likely to become serial killers, rapists, drug junkies, hobos, you get the picture.

Out of all the Nintendo Franchises most of my fav games were on N64 and it is by far my favorite console ever made.

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My favorite is Double Dash, and my first was Super Mario Kart. (I accidentally voted D instead of J)

#36 Posted by upwarDBound (654 posts) -

I never really was a Mario Kart fan though I did enjoy the one for the snes. Not the actual racing, just the multiplayer battles.

#37 Posted by MrBLT (37 posts) -

Super was my first. I didn't actually play 64 for the longest time, at least not until I played the heck out of Diddy Kong Racing which I received before MK64. I remember the I tried renting Super multiple times in a row from Blockbuster to convince my mom to get the game (my parents were wary of video game habits as a kid...which isn't the case now. My collection has exploded within the past few years to catch up.). I finally managed to persuade my mom to get me the game for my birthday the year the N64 came out...unfortunately it was always sold out and I ended up with Yoshi's Island instead which isn't too bad of a trade off. At least now, I appreciate the game more.

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