Who is your go to Mario Kart racer?

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#51 Posted by ImHungry (377 posts) -

Yoshi's definitely been the old standby across all games. Although in Double Dash specifically Koopa probably got more use just because of triple shells.

#52 Posted by Cubidog1 (245 posts) -

Donkey Kong because I loved Donkey Kong Country.

#53 Posted by mscupcakes (612 posts) -

Peach for life!

#54 Posted by Vexxan (4612 posts) -


#55 Posted by mikey87144 (1806 posts) -

Usually Toad but in double dash it was Diddy Kong and one of the Koopa's. Use the Koopa's shells to fight to the lead and use Diddy's bananas to stay in the lead.

#56 Posted by JackSukeru (5962 posts) -

I used Toad in the GBA game 'cause he was fast and Luigi in the Wii game because I really liked the controls of the Mach Bike. Really, I think any character that could use that bike would have been just as good, but I like Luigi so I went with him.

#57 Posted by dagas (2924 posts) -

Koopa Troopa always when playing the classic SNES game. He is not in all of the games so Yoshi otherwise even if he is not as awesome. He is at least green so he is the closest.

#58 Posted by DeF (4975 posts) -

@Ramone said:

Yoshi or Diddy Kong

same here :D

in the original and 64, also often went for Toad oder Koopa.

#59 Edited by Marmalade (192 posts) -


#60 Posted by Canteu (2821 posts) -

Toad is and always will be my jam.. I mean, he's the fastest, why would you pick anyone else?

#61 Posted by JasonR86 (9723 posts) -

Mario Kart 64. It was the first Mario Kart that I owned and really played a lot of. It's also the last Mario Kart that I played and really enjoyed.

#62 Posted by AngelN7 (2973 posts) -

Yoshi because he's so danm cute , when someone else picks him before me and after fighting over it for 2 min then I pick Wario.

#63 Posted by kgb0515 (411 posts) -

I always played as Koopa Troopa on the SNES version, but Yoshi was the man in Mario Kart 64.

#64 Posted by awadnin (275 posts) -

I don't only choose one character, because I like to try as many as I can from Mushroom Kingdom's characters.

by the way I hope they put Spike in Mario's games as a playable character.

#65 Posted by redefaulted (2829 posts) -

Yoshi - I have no idea why, but he just feels best matched with me when it comes to Mario Kart.

#66 Posted by GnomeonFire (778 posts) -

Toad. He's a personified mushroom with a diaper, awesome.

#67 Posted by Hunter5024 (5956 posts) -

I use Toad too! So unoriginal. If I'm not using toad I go for a Koopa.

#68 Posted by Village_Guy (2660 posts) -

Waluigi because everybody hates him - he really needs his own game!

And Shy Guy! He/it needs a game with him/it being the star!

#69 Posted by MightyDuck (1524 posts) -

I always went for either Toad or Mario. Granted, the only MarioKart I've really played a ton of was Mario Kart 64, and a little of Mario Kart Wii.

#70 Posted by Coketruck (24 posts) -

Yoshi, ever since the SNES.

#71 Posted by chrissedoff (2166 posts) -

Daisy of course.

#72 Posted by Periscope (40 posts) -

Only played Mario Kart 64 extensively and Wario was usually my guy.

I used to play Super Mario Kart with a kid up the street in middle school and I always hated that he never let me play as Koopa Troopa.

#73 Posted by TooWalrus (13256 posts) -

It used to be Wario, but I haven't really gotten into a Mario Kart game since 64... actually, I played a lot of Super Circuit, but didn't really care for anything after that. Double Dash was cool but I never owned it, just rented it once and played at a friends house.

#74 Posted by AjayRaz (12475 posts) -

toad for life

#75 Posted by SamFo (1562 posts) -

koopa troopa

#76 Posted by Socialone (202 posts) -

Winning with the underdog feels much better.

Go Luigi.

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