For those who have played this game I've a question.

#1 Posted by Kjellm87 (1722 posts) -

If Bowser somehow got through one of the pipes that goes inside his body, what would happen?

#2 Posted by LordAndrew (14430 posts) -

Well, uh... Damn.

#3 Posted by Eristocrat (440 posts) -

You know that scene in Being John Malcovich where he goes inside his own head? 

#4 Posted by liako21 (528 posts) -

lol well he cant really jump (in this game at least), but that would be weird.

I just got Bowser out of the safe that he was in, but i think i have hit a wall...I'm having trouble continuing with this pretty sure im near the end.

#5 Posted by liako21 (528 posts) -

Beat it! I really enjoyed the last couple of battles. Great game overall despite me losing patience with it about 20 hours in. 5/5. I cant wait for the new Paper Mario game!

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