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A Fun action RPG

As the third installment in the Mario and Luigi RPG series this is the best of them. The story is a ridiculously funny adventure. Mario and Luigi must save the mushroom kingdom from a disease called the blorbs, but instead get sucked inside Bowser and must escape. The dialogue is constantly funny, with the best lines belonging to Bowser. You can beat it in about 25 hours and still have some side quest left over. 
You play half the game as Mario and Luigi and the other half as Bowser. Playing Mario and Luigi is the same as it was in previous games jumping on your enemies and using Bro. moves, Playing as Bowser is like playing a tank, he has a really powerful punch and can breathe fire. His minion moves require the use of the stylus. It is ultimately more fun to play as Bowser because of the way he plays and his dialogue being so funny. 
The game has excellent sprit animation especially during battles. The music gets the job done, cheery most of the time and ominous when it needs to be. Overall the game is a fun ride all the way through and worth playing if you have a DS.      

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