This game is so awesome

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Anyone else pick it up yet? :p

Last one I played was Superstar Saga, thought that was great. Really impressed with the 3D effects so far too, feel as if they're needed to do well in some of the combat events. Apart from the hand holding slow intro to the game though, couldn't recommend it enough :D that said... the writing makes the slow intro work out :D

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Can't wait to get this. Also, play Bowser's Inside Story, I really enjoyed that one.

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Another thing pulling me to buy a 3DS.

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Gotta wait till the US date. Aug. 11 :(

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Oh wow, just looked at release dates. Not even out in Japan yet o.O, love how it's called Mario & Luigi RPG 4 there though :D

I've got Fire Emblem to play after this, did that buy 3 games get one free deal Nintendo had going :p

Subtracting DOTA from my gaming time, 3DS is soaking up all that time lately. So many good games on it :D

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@spacekangaroo: I love it, I have not played any of the previous ones so I can't compare. I love the writing, I love the combat, and I think the game looks great. Too slow to start but other than that can't recommend it enough

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10 hours in and it's still lots of fun, there's plenty of callbacks to the previous superstar saga games and enough new stuff. The writing is as great as it ever was and I already want to go back and replay the older games again. As other people have said it starts off slow but then the game is looking like it'll be lasting well past the 20 hour mark so once it gets going there's still plenty of game. You duders are in for a treat come August

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@captpaulblues: I have a question, I'm also 10 hours in and I can't figure out if the game is linear or not. It seems like I can only go where the story tells me to go, but the game is open enough to let you wander around even if you can't yet access an area, but i'm worried that if I just follow where the story dictates am I missing stuff?

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@pompouspizza: Yeah it's fairly linear at that point, the older games were similar. You have the freedom to explore the new areas and re-explore old ones when you get new moves. There are side things to do, but until you get to the town about 10 hours in it's largely item collections. I imagine a bit later on the game will open up more when you'll inevitably be able to teleport between the areas to open previously closed sections, but at this stage you'll likely backtrack through areas to get to the new ones to explore a little before moving on.

At Wakeport more side things open up like finding photo blocks to unlock puzzles, and so far a few characters seem to be after certain items so I'm guessing there's some helping out you get to do. The other main side thing at this point of the game is finding more of the Pill'o.

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I've been slow on it the past few days, just unlocked the pathway to the reason you're sent to the sand zone.

One thing I'm a bit confused with is the challenge gear, is there any way to check how it scales with the challenges you've done? never to sure whether to equip them :p

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Dang, I miss the Mario and Luigi games so badly. This is tempting me even more to get a 3DS.

Also, can we agree that the 3DS has the deepest library of exclusives this year?

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I can't wait for it to come to USA. I love the Mario and Luigi games, use to love Paper Mario but that series has been disappointing after The Thousand Year Door.

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Sadly, I can't get it til August.

Glad to hear that it's good though, that'll only further push me into buying the game.

Also, can we agree that the 3DS has the deepest library of exclusives this year?

I can agree with that if we overlook the indie scene.

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Started playing it last night. What a delightful, charming and well written game. Ton of fun too =D

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So jelly of Europeans right now.


Canada needs delightful Mario Brothers RPGin' too! Especially after how many sads Paper Mario: Sticker Star gave me.

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@bisonhero said:

So jelly of Europeans right now.


Canada needs delightful Mario Brothers RPGin' too! Especially after how many sads Paper Mario: Sticker Star gave me.

Aaw. But you get Megaten 4 right now while us Eurostralians won't be seeing it for quite some time. Plus Etrian Odyssey 4 and also what sounds like a pretty decent Harvest Moon game as well. The jelly is mutual.

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;___; I wish I had my copy now. Boo-urns!

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I'm about four and a bit hours into this now, and so far it has definitely been worth the purchase. Especially as my local HMV were selling it for £26, which is about a tenner less then the eshop price.

The humour is surprisingly self-aware at times and like the rest of the game can best be surmised as 'charming'.

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I'm about 25 hours in and I just don't want to finish it. There are too many gameplay elements that all have a tutorial with it and some characters will constantly ask if you remember some basic goddamn stuff you've done for hours. Now I got a fetch quest and I'll have to backtrack through the whole island.


The game is super pretty and the writing is top notch. I just wish the game would be a bit shorter.

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@terjay: Yeah , Partners in Time suffered from this badly . Is it still worth buying ?

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I specifically saved my 30 dollars from buying SMT IV and Fire Emblem Awakening for this. I seriously can't wait for it to come out!

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@terjay: Yeah , Partners in Time suffered from this badly . Is it still worth buying ?

Definitely still worth picking up. Over-tutorialising/excessive hand-holding can get very tiring though.

BTW, you can press the A button to make Luigi jump. Did you know that you can use the A button if you want Luigi to jump? Also, if you want the guy in green - that's Luigi - to jump, press the A button. Just in case you weren't paying attention before - the A button will allow Luigi to jump. Oh, did I mention that Luigi jumps if you press the A button?

Luigi jumps if you press the A button.

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Also did you know that Luigi is green and he's a bit dumb and Mario is red and they both have moustaches? Press <B>!

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@itwongo said:

@beachthunder: I thought B made Luigi jump?

Ha, you're right >_< I just realised that before. I guess the tutorials weren't good enough in teaching me that =P

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Is this game better or worse than Mario 3D Land?

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The first two-three hours are heavy on tutorials. Other than that it's great. It's my first M&L game. I wasn't expecting the battle system to be so different and fun. The 3D effect in the overworld map is the same as MK7 (not too deep) but it has a deep 3D effect during the battles and it works very well. There are some enemies that line up and come at you so that you have to move in and out of the picture to select which one to hit...stuff like that is cool. It really makes good use of the 3D. Music is excellent. To answer your question: I think it's just as good as 3D land but I also think the same about Luigi's Mansion and Sticker Star.

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Something to pull me away from Animal Crossing. Ill be picking this up on the 11th.

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I was bored of AC after a week. How incredibly annoying is it that the store owners speak to you every time you enter and exit their store? Add the five second loading time when entering or exiting a house and a daily bug farming session...I unlocked that DJ dude but couldn't even be bothered to check it out. I really thought I'd get into it but I'm so done with AC. I hope all my inhabitants have turned into skeletons and are just lying around when I return. Whatever, new great 3DS games keep coming.

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I picked it up yesterday and I am just now getting time to check it out. Where is the HYPE? Would love to see a giantbomb review.

This is my first Mario & Luigi RPG. So far Im really enjoying it.

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I like this a lot better than Bowser's Inside Story. It's not as funny, but it's a lot more fun to play.

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Really enjoying this but it's reminded me why I never start RPG's anymore. Only get about 30 minutes a day play-time so after two weeks and several days holiday I'm only 20 hours in. And about halfway it would seem!

Should be finished by 2014.

I find the Bros moves really hard to pull-off though. Basically the shell, the rolling ball and the fireballs are the only ones I can do properly.

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I'm nearing the end after hitting 30 hours and I feel like it's just dragging on....I'm looking forward to finishing this one day.

#36 Posted by HermanBloom (100 posts) -

Yeah I am in the forest now. Just got my 37th Pillo, and the next reward is for 55 or something. Screw that. Still having fun but strictly going through the story now.

#37 Posted by HermanBloom (100 posts) -

Lordy the final parts of this game (forest and then the castle) go on for an aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage.

Also, the Rainbow rank gear is a bit underwhelming.

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I bought this a couple of weeks ago but didn't play much lately. Now that I've put some time in, I'm really digging it! I just finished the first "giant" battle; the "finishing move" part was cheesy but kinda awesome too.

So far I really like the different "tells" that the enemies have and while the game overall is still a little on the easy side, the challenges such as avoiding 10 attacks in a row are no cakewalk.

As evidenced in a semi-recent Unprofessional Fridays (IIRC) there is a really slow burn at the beginning, but personally the battle mechanics are fairly engaging since each enemy is different (and you have to figure things out yourself, so you have to pay attention).

Definitely one to pick up if you liked Inside Story (or previous entries).

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Oh dear, apparently this game took me 60+ hours. Maybe I left it on one night? I am a bit of a completionist so I ended up doing everything. But now there's a hard mode?!? And I assume I'll have to do those dodge 10 in a row challenges again...

This game surprised me a bit at the end with how hard it got. I thought having some of the crazy powerful items would make me OP (act twice in a turn? yes please!) but it was pretty tough going in the last two fights. Probably because I really disregarded DEF when leveling & choosing gear. The final bosses' attacks were really hard to dodge perfectly.

As foreshadowed by the slow pace at the beginning, you do unlock new moves (mostly movement stuff) at a steady pace throughout the game until almost the end, which was kind of interesting and annoying at the same time (e.g. seeing unreachable things and knowing you have to wait to be able to collect them).

The story was largely predictable but delivered in a lighthearted enough way. Some pretty well done characters, though often the humour was skewing a bit infantile for my tastes.

Overall I think this was definitely a worthy latest entry in Mario & Luigi. Not sure if it is the best in the series, but the battle system in particular stood out to me as more varied and interesting than before (and you'll do a lot of battling going for the expert challenges).

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Picked off from my 31 hour mark a little bit before Somnom woods at release. Finished the game over the past three days at 46 hours. Dragged on and on. Died a few times on the last bosses so I decided to finish them on easy mode. It was worth it to play through it but that game could've been 25 hours shorter.

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Wow this is a year old already? I only just got it. Guess I should play it or something.

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I liked it up to the volcano boss, couldn't get past him.

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