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Fun adventure 0

1. STORY Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time or MLPT as I shall refer to it from now on, is set in the usual Mario setting, yep you guessed it: . You’ll take on the roll of both modern day Mario and Luigi and also baby Mario and Luigi whom must stop the evil Shroom Princess and villains as they attempt to take over the of the past and kidnap Princess Peach in the process. It might sound a bit much to take in, but it’s all nicely told throughout the duration of the game, and never gets technica...

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Rusty's Partners in Time Review 0

After 2003's Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga, I didn't really know what to expect from 2005's sequel, Mario & Luigi Partners in Time. I wasn't sure that they could top off my favorite game of 2003, they didn't exactly do that in this sequel, but they did make a really fun and interesting RPG for the DS. The game starts off introducing you to the main bad guys of this game, the Shroobs. The Shroobs are a weird spin off of the Toads. They are small purple beings, with mushroom hats colored pu...

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Solid Mario game but not its best 0

Mario and Luigi Partners in Time is a solid RPG much like its previous game Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga.   The gameplay is solid, graphics are solid along with the sound.   Unfortunately its not the best in the series due to the fact that there isn't much innovation from the previous game. The story is the same ol' Mario story with the villain being Elder Princess Shroob and the story revolving around travelling to the past when all the characters are young.   This leads to Mario and Luig...

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More bros, less fury 0

 Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga was a resounding success on the GBA. It was a practically flawless game that achieved excellence in every area, and it more than earned the right to have a sequel made. Partners in Time is the second installment in the series, where rather than using just Mario & Luigi, you now use their younger selves as well. Partners in Time is a really great game that has most of the elements that made Superstar Saga such a spectacular game, just on slightly lower level...

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M&L: Partners in Time was a short but engaging RPG. 0

I haven't played the original M&L game for the GBA yet, but I didn't think I would need to, to enjoy this game. The game was extremely short and there really wasn't any worthwhile sidequests in the game, but for the meat of the game I really enjoyed it, although I would say the replay value was pretty love, since I had it the week it came out and never once thought to played it since. The puzzles were simple but the boss fights could be hard. Overall it was a great game, just way to short. ...

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