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Mario & Lui... other guy star in a basically flawless RPG 0

 Mario has had an ongoing streak of awesome RPGs, starting at the end of the SNES' lifespan and continuing through today. Mario & Luigi is the main handheld franchise of the Mario RPGs, starting with 2003's Superstar Saga on the GameBoy Advance. It was most likely the best game on the platform and one of the greatest RPGs of all time with its hilarious dialogue, fantastic gameplay, and outstanding visuals. Even with six years behind it, Superstar Saga is a fantastic game in every aspect that...

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Solid Mario RPG fun 0

Mario first jumped into the RPG genre with Squaresoft’s classic Super Mario RPG: Legend of the 7 Stars for the Super Nintendo. Many of the developers that worked on that title, including its director Yoshihiko Maekawa, formed the company AlphaDream, and they’ve retooled the general formula with Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.  This was the first game to allow direct control of both Mario and Luigi simultaneously.  It would prove popular enough to warrant a pair of sequels on the Nin...

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One of the best RPGs for GBA 0

"Mario & Luigi: SuperStar Saga" review for the GBA Written by: DawnClover Who played "Mario RPG" for the SNES? Well... it was not very, very famous (at least here in Portugal), but it was a good game overall. Well, i was reading a magazine and i read: "An RPG based on Nintendo's Mario is being made for the GBA", and the first thing i thought was "WOW! COOL! Another Mario RPG!". Yes, i love Mario RPG for the SNES, and yes, I TOTTALY LOVE Mario & Luigi: SuperStar Saga! Prepare for probabl...

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No doubt the BEST mario game ever 0

The good: it's got mario AND luigi - great music - very good graphics for GBA - great gameplay - good story.The bad: frustrating gameplay sometimes - some bosses seem impossible.Mario and luigi are on yet another adventure.When princess peach's voice is taken mario and luigi are called to help..Of course your probably thinking that its bowser that has done this, but you are wrong.Instead its someone known as cackletta.And bowser (who is probably mad that someone besides him kidnapped here) offer...

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