Andrew W.K. plays Mario Party 9 with Game Informer. Yep.

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Hey so this is real weird.

Apparently Dan Ryckert over at Game Informer wanted to play Mario Party with his co-workers for a feature or something but they were all like "NAWWW MARIO PARTY WHAT? WHO CARES?" so Ryckert was like "I'LL SHOW YOU WHO CARES MOTHERFUCKIN' ANDREW W.K. THE KING OF PARTIES." If you don't know who Andrew W.K. is then for shame, as he is pretty much the most awesome person to ever write music. He's so enthusiastic and authentic, even after a two hour batshit crazy show of loud music and partying he will sit down for like 4 hours and just talk with his fans about anything they want to until the venue literally have to force him to stop. His music and his persona are just pure fun. And that video is fucking surreal.

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it's hard to party hard with mario party 9

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@Animasta said:

it's hard to party hard with mario party 9

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You said 'authentic' when relating to a musician so this had to happen -

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This is going to be the greatest thing.

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I am watching this right now. This is almost as good as when they had GWAR.

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Stuff like this is why I still read Game Informer. I've had the pleasure to meet some of them and they are all pretty cool guys over there. No Bomb Squad, of course, but pretty cool.

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I had the opportunity to see Andrew W.K. in Philly tonight, but adult life is not gonna let that happen, unfortunately. 
As for Mario Party, I don't think there's anything hard about Mario Party.

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This is easily the best thing that's happened so far.

(I do mean in terms of human civilization)

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That's pretty great.

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everyone should watch them play mario party 3 its one of their best videos.

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EDIT: I loved all his very practical observations on things. Obviously, Waluigi wins mini-games because of his svelte physicality, achieved only by high-stepping everywhere he goes.  

Haha, this is fantastic, watching it now. I'm going to see AWK in concert here in DC on Sunday, what a good way to get pumped up beforehand. Synergy! 
Or, one could listen to "It's Time to Party" on repeat for like, forever. That is also acceptable.

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@Anwar said:

What are those lines on his arms? If those are tattoos that would be unfortunate, because it doesn't look good at all.

I don't know what they are actually. They seem like the kind of tattoos Andrew W.K. would have.


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That was excellent.

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Kudo Tsunoda reminds me of Andrew W.K. come to think of it.

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