Anybody else remember this?

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 Go away Boo! You're hurting my hand!
I stumbled upon this image while browsing the web and it made me think back to the days my and my friends were playing Mario Party 1 non-stop. The image refers to the mini-games where the players have to rotate the analog stick for an X amount of time to complete the goal. 
I especially remember the "Pedal Power" mini-game where you had to power a light bulb with a stationary bike. To complete the minigame, you had to rotate the analog stick furiously for 30 sec or so - resulting in minor skin lacerations from the friction.
O the memories.
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first time i've seen this picture, but mario party rocked!

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Oh god, yes. Those games were the worst. I'm getting pains in my palms just thinking about 'em!

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The words "Mario Party" brings back the painful memory of the Tug o War mini game, and the ensuing desturction of my palm, as seen in Exhibit A.
May god have mercy on our souls

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I remember playing a very considerable amount of Mario Party 4 and 5 back on the Gamecube, it was pretty fun.

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i tore a hole in my hands many a time doing the fishing for coins mini-game. I tried different methods but the hole in the hand way was always the best.

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Yea pedal power was a fkn bitch. Not only was my hand wrecked but the stick was never the same after either. Was all loose and shit like that.

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I remember those games. They didn't rough up my hands as badly as other people claim it roughed up theirs, but they were still annoying.

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I started wearing gloves when my cousin would come over, god I still remember the god awful blisters I would get, that analog stick was truly a work of the devil.

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Haha, good times.

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Yep, I too remember blisters from the tug of war game. Actually IIRC my mom was reading in a magazine where you could get some gloves being marketed directly for Mario Party, always wanted some of those.

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This topic was discussed in last week's bombcast. I never actually heard of any "official gloves" though - sure wish I'd had them back then :P.

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I don't remember that specific mini game, but it's been such a long time. I really was never too crazy about the Mario Party games. What killed me was the board game layout, I thought it was so boring and slow and dragged out matches for far too long. Still, I know all about high speed analog rotating. It's not cool.

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Well when i had a N 64 i never got around to play Mario Party so sorry but no. However i got the same problem with Mario 64 against bowser...
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OH MAN! I totally had that happen to me. Fucking raft minigame.

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