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Mario Power Tennis Review 0

Have you ever played the really good game Mario Power Tennis for the Gamecube? Well if you have you've played this game completely with the exception of being able to use the Wii-mote to do your swinging. Now I know what you're thinking, is it going to be a disappointment like the Mario Baseball game, well we shall see.First off the graphics look like they haven't changed one bit, I know that we are talking about the jump from a Gamecube to a Wii, but there should be some difference. Actually in...

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A useless re-release 0

Mario Power Tennis was a solid GameCube title released in 2004.   Therefore it would make sense after the success of Wii Sports’ tennis that an updated version of Mario Power Tennis, with motion controls would work.   Sadly it’s quite clear from the jump that the “new play controls” are severely worse than the GameCube controls, making it frustrating, and a complete waste of a re-release.   Making things worse is the fact there is no other control option, so if you wish to play “classic” Mario P...

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The biggest problem with Mario Power Tennis lies in the price-tag 0

The biggest problem with Mario Power Tennis lies in the price-tag. Originally released on Gamecube back in 2004, this Nintendo exclusive is part of the long-line of sport related Mario bros. Titles. Considering the Nintendo mascot's passion for Golf, it wouldn't be a wild guess to assume he has a taste for other physical activities and hey presto, Miyamoto called upon the moustached plummer to use a tennis racket and go crazy with it on the courts. Like Mario Golf, it's fair to say that crazy is...

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