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Great Game

The new Mario Tennis Open is an awesome 3DS game. For someone who doesn't know what Tennis is, you can just start pressing buttons because at least everyone knows youre supposed to hit the ball. Anyone can learn the rules of Tennis with this game (besides out balls because they dont let you hit out balls, which is kind of awesome), and the gameplay is so easy with no out balls it is constantly fun. The multiplayer is amazing, so is the streetpassing. You can battle people you have streetpassed with along with many other things that are only unique to the 3DS. The online works perfectly just like all the previous online Nintendo 3DS games. Singles and Doubles exists and every character has their own set of records, just like it was in Mario Tennis 64. Theres powerups that enable if you use the default shot or the specific shot that the color of the power up is indicating. There are 5 different types of specialized shots and then the default shot, mapped to: a, b, x, y, a->b,b->a

The game has kept all of its depth from Mario Tennis 64, took all the improvements of the Gamecube version, and then added a whole other layer of depth in the gameplay and then streamlined it to a nuclear weapon. This is THE MOST arcadey Tennis game without a doubt. The GBA Mario Tennis wasn't capable of doing the gameplay the N64 version was known for, this 3DS version is the true third Mario Tennis.

Some people think that Mario Tennis is a series that has had many versions and has not changed at all, but considering what they did to make Tennis appealing to a young kid who sees no point in buying a Tennis game in the age of Angry Birds Space, they did an amazing job of creating an instantly accessible arcadey Tennis experience that is enjoyable for 30 seconds or a few hours.

Matches don't take as long as it does if you go back and play the 64 version. You can blow through the first tournament in two minutes, which is three matches, each of different length.

This is as good as a Tennis game can get, and its in 3d, remember the 3DS does that? People should mention how awesome that is a little bit more often I think!

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