razr95's Mario Power Tennis (Game Boy Advance) review

Best Mario Tennis Game I have played

Game play: This is the first Mario tennis game I have played but I have played real tennis games like top spin 1, 2 and 3 and one game of virtua tennis I always preferred tennis games that do not look fake. So I tought that in this game you can hit like 260 kilometre serves wich is impossible and power shots that make the game look really unrealistic and that It doesn't feel like a tennis game. First time I have played it I tought that there was allot of dialogue in the game but you introduce yourself in a tennis academy with tennis players that practise everyday you are new in that tennis club you start as a level 1 player and there is 3 levels juniors seniors and varsity players technically its beginner intermediate and pro in other words. So you can play singles and doubles you start by playing in the juniors and you can join junior ranking games in order to beat the number one junior player if he has been beaten then you move on to seniors. This game has allot to offer ball machine training professional coaches to train with lessons play minigames against rivals upgrade your player to a high level by upgrading there shots like the serve slice speed and allot of different options. After you are done the island open you move up in Mario world that's where the final tournament is started at. You have so many things to do this game is so realistic I tought that I was playing this on GameCube. Must buy for any tennis fans.

Graphics:Best graphics on the game boy you cannot see better this game has so many positive points that seeing this game as bad is not possible all the details in this game is well made every place in the game is very well made.

Sound:Great music great sound effects hearing the players play tennis in the game sounds allot like pro players playing a match it's almost as if you're in the game.

Overall: This game is amazingly good this is one of my favourite games of all time even if you don't like tennis you should look forward on playing this game.

Difficulty: This game is hard enough as you move up ranks you will see how progressive you are getting and how you can change your technique to improve you strokes to beat your rivals.


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