Favorite Voice Actor for Mario?

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Just a question who's your favorite voice actor for Mario? If I remember right the people that voiced Mario were Peter Cullen, Captain Lou Albano, Walker Boone, Mark Graue, and of course Charles Martinet. Even though I like Charles Martinet as Mario I thought Captain Lou Albano did a good real life voice for Mario.

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I like Charles Martinet because he best represents the voice Mario for me.

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Charles Martinet IS Mario. Comparing him to other useless rip offs is an insult to him.

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Black_Rose said:
"Charles Martinet IS Mario. Comparing him to other useless rip offs is an insult to him."
You are entitled to your opinion, but to me it seems you fail to realize that there were other people besides Charles Martinet that voiced Mario. I have respect for Charles as the voice of Mario, but I just think that in full dialogue Charles is weak and Captain Lou Albano did the best for Mario for full dialogue in the Super Mario Bros Super Show, but please try to at least accept that there were other people besides Charles that did the voice of Mario.
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ehh, they all anoy me. They all pretty much just squeek the same few lines.

I really wish mario spoke in a normal vioce and said real words than just say his name and the word yippy everytime he jumped

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the one that goes


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