Make the case for this.

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No suits for Mario. Yoshi was a good idea. 
You can do it.

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@JamesBoyce: The case, man. You didn't make it.
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Read this: Rules (Yoshi's within I promise.)

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@mylifeforAiur: There's no Yoshi in there, man. Are you talking about a username which includes the name of that character, on some page way into one of those many articles?
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Here is the case: 
CASE 11827494-MRO-4 Copyright MMX Interzone, Inc. 
Mario. Luigi. Super Mario. Not suit. Enhance. Species. 
Leave. To. The. Big. Boss. 
Yoshi. Implant:Dragon. Implant:Mythology. Acceptance of Dragon and Man. "Dinosaurs". 
End Case 
Signed 2010-07-04 MMX 
Mr. Emilio

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@Emilio: I don't know what you mean, but you've satisfied my faith in humanity. You and Bombcast. 10-13-2009, in particular.
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Just reporting my findings, sir.
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@Emilio: Well good job, soldier. Tits are your reward.

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