So who has actually played the more obscure Mario games?

#1 Posted by Ants (19 posts) -

Just out of wondering who here has actually played games like, Wrecking Crew, Mario teaches typing, and the Mario Artist series?

#2 Posted by xphacter (6 posts) -

As a kid i owned Wrecking Crew, Mario Teaches Typing and Mario Paint. My youngest memories was Wreaking Crew however, I love it, the best part of the game was level creator, it even had a load and save feature, but i dont think it worked if you shut the game off. Ah the memories!

#3 Posted by RVonE (4823 posts) -

I played some mario paint back in the day. Dr. Mario also comes to mind--or is that not obscure enough?

#4 Posted by Colino (178 posts) -

I've played both the mario typing games (that's how I got to my current 110 words a minute skills!) and mario paint.

#5 Posted by Match (9 posts) -

I've played Wrecking Crew... I can't believe I used to like that game... ugh!

#6 Posted by FullMetal_Mac (134 posts) -

Don't laugh at me guys, but I played probably the worst Mario game ever Hotel Mario.

#7 Posted by WilliamRLBaker (4941 posts) -
Standing_Gopher said:
"I have had the misfortune of playing Mario's Time Machine myself. Yeah... wouldn't recommend that one to anyone. :P
that game was awesome! i loved learning!
#8 Edited by clarke0 (1082 posts) -

I played Mario Teaches Typing. Why did Nintendo give the license to these developers to make these games in the first place?

#9 Posted by Dalai (7798 posts) -

Mario Paint is probably as obscure as I got.

#10 Posted by brukaoru (5134 posts) -
Dalai said:
"Mario Paint is probably as obscure as I got."
Mario Paint is probably my earliest memory of a videogame I ever played... And technically it's not even a game. :/
#11 Posted by Black_Rose (7772 posts) -

I played Mario's Time Machine. It was awesome back then.

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