Best Mario Platformers

Posted by Carryboy (918 posts) 1 year, 8 months ago

Poll: Best Mario Platformers (5 votes)

2d games 80%
3d games 20%

Something that I was thinking about the other day whilst playing the new Sonic was how nuts it was how Mario went into 3d games wit Mario 64 without a hitch when you look at a lot of the other series that struggled. Which got me thinking which are better the 3d games as a whole or the 2d? Now my first instinct was 2d you crazy, but man those 3d games are something else.

I dont share the same love for 2 and 3 as others do (though I really really like them and played them back in the day) Mario 1 is still really good and World would be in my discussion for favourite game ever but all the other 2d games are cool but not on that level. Whereas I adore all the 3d Mario games (maybe sunshine slightly less but still really like it) and would maybe put galaxy 1 and 64 as my favourite game ever.

So im a bit torn but leaning towards the 3d games.

So which do you guys prefer?

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