Let's pitch some ideas for future Mario games!

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Alright, I'll start:

Mario Political Party

Much like The Political Machine, except this time, it's set in the Mushroom Kingdom; you must form a political party consisting of Mario-related characters, then campaign for presidency in the Mushroom Kingdom. There's been rumours that the Mushroom Kingdom is changing its name to The Democratic Republic of Mushroom.

So, what are your ideas for future Mario games?

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Sim City, but the Mushroom Kingdom.

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Call of Duty, but the Mushroom Kingdom.

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make a new 8-bit mario game, and call it super mario bros 4.

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gears of war, but the mushroom kingdom.

shit went bad....

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A Mario character based SRPG.

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Rank up system

Srs story lines

Secks seen btwn peach 'n mario

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Red Orchestra 2, but with Mario.

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A domestic abuse simulator called Punch the Peach.

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I'd play Mario Political Party for sure. It's never been established in the Mario lore as far as I know, but it could be safe to say the princess was appointed to a position of power through intercourse and inheritance rather than a democratic vote. I'm not sure if it's a shallow/de-powered or actively political position, but neither justifies it being there. At the same time another monarch wants to come into power (King Koopa). We must end their feudal ways, and use the hard-earned tax money from hard-working toads and plumbers for better things, like toadscare centers and hospitals (The only doctor I've seen employed so far in the mushroom kingdom is a plumber) rather than feeding an overprivelaged family. And perhaps we should talk some regulations on those mushrooms. Some of them are really bad for you, and that could be better sorted with a state monopoly on mushrooms.

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Super Mario War Game.

It's a real time strategy game where you command an army of Toads to their deaths.

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