Mario Power-Up

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What is your favorite Mario powerup?

#1 Posted by fireball21k (19 posts) -

What is your favorite Mario powerup?

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Mine is the Mega Mushroom from New Super Mario Bros. All of the Mario power-ups have a special little space within the nostalgia center of my brain though.

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Gotta love the classics.
#6 Posted by 8bit16bit64bit (12 posts) -

the propeller mushroom probably

#7 Posted by tutuboy95 (108 posts) -

Ooh, tough one. I would have to go for the Blue Shell from New Super Mario Bros. Fast, near-invincible... You can go at full-speed without having to worry about enemies.

#8 Posted by fireball21k (19 posts) -

I would also say the StaR AND IT'S BREATHTAKING!

#9 Posted by Andorski (5475 posts) -

Mario's Flying Cap.  First time I used it, I had the instant reaction of "3D (polygonal) gaming is the shit."

#10 Posted by GunstarRed (6044 posts) -

P-Wing!!! why do i need to avoid all of those cannonballs and mole spanners in the wooden tank level... when I can just fly over them!
#11 Posted by NikkiButler (4 posts) -

i would have to agree with tutuboy95 Blue Shell = Epic

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