What if Mario had portals in it?

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  Yes ladies and gentlemen we are clearly nearing the end times. 2 of the best games of all time have joined forces, and made their wedding plans kind of public. 
Full source code coming soon, with an academy award soon thereafter
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Sounds too interesting to be a contemporary Mario game.

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Looks interesting but I don't see myself enjoying it much. Mario (at least the classic titles) have been about running and completing the levels as fast as I can. Finding secrets too.

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Didn't you make the exact same thread today?

Edit: Sorry it wasn't you it were theseguys.

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am i just crazy or do i hear msn sounds in the background?

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Interesting concept, i would like to see this implemented in SMB3 and SMW.

Can't wait till he releases it.

#7 Posted by firewrkninja (239 posts) -

when can i play it?

#8 Posted by iam3green (14368 posts) -

that looks pretty cool. something that i kind of think it would take a while to beat the level. the game was about beating it fast.

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It does have portals and in the Mario world, they call them "Warp Tunnels".

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