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Marion Wolfe is a character in Outcast. She is one of the leading scientists that accompanies the game's main character Cutter Slade on his mission to a parallel world. The difference between her and the other scientists, however, is that she and Cutter have a turbulent past.

Marion is the only child of Clare Fitzgerald and Sir Randolph Wolfe. Her father died in 1983 in a plane crash. Her mother is the Senator of the State of Pennsylvania, and she is the one who convinced Marion to pursue a career in the media instead of science. For one assignment on behalf of Nation Geographic, Marion is required to receive a month of special millitary training in order to prepare her and her crew for the possible dangers. One of the excercises is a week of parachuting practice under Cutter Slade. During one of the jumping excercises, however, a horrible accident happens in which a cameraman loses his life. Marion's mother blames Cutter for the accident and manages to get him fired from his position at the U.S. SEALs.

However, Marion does not agree with her mother and tries to prevent her from taking any steps against Cutter Slade in the first place. Her mother does not listen, however, and Marion is also forbidden to have any further contact with Cutter whatsoever. This means she never gets the chance to tell him that she does not agree with her mother. Marion decides to move away from her mother and gives up her job as a journalist to follow up on her real passion of science. By the year 2007 she has become the Director of the Exobiology Laboratory of the University of Chicago. She and a team of scientists are responsible for discovering the parallel world known as Adelpha. And her team is also the one that recruits Cutter Slade for a mission to this new planet to recover a probe that has mysteriously dissapeared. It is during this time Cutter gets reacquainted with Marion. It is, however, the first time that players will meet Marion and during the course of the game the players will get a chance to learn more about the relationship between Marion and Cutter.

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