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Career within the WWE/F

Mark Henry was first of all trained by Bret and Stu Hart, after he polished his skills he then Debuted in the WWF in 1996, his gimmick was that he was the self proclaimed World's Strongest Man after coming 10 place within the weightlifting competitions at the 1992 Olympics held in . After this WWE had signed Mark Henry to work with them, therefore at the next Olympics in 1996 Mark was sponsored by the WWF, Mark was signed to a lengthy 10 year deal. Mark Henrys first feud was with now commentator Jerry the King Lawler, King had made many disrespectful remarks to Henry, causing Henry to interfere in his match with Jake the Snake at Summer Slam 1996. Mark had his first match against Lawler at the next PPV entitled In Your House: Mind games which took place in 1996.

Henry was then in many short feuds threw the rest of 1996 and 1997, no real big feuds but still appearing on television most weeks. Henry then started getting pushed by WWF management; they chose to do this by making him join the Nation of Domination in 1998. This formed Henry with Farooq, D Lo brown and The Rock. After the group disbanded Henry then started teaming with his old team member D Lo Brown. Henry and D Lo were teaming up for almost 4 months until Henry turned on D Lo at Summer Slam 1999 costing him both the intercontinental and the European championship, in the process Henry turned Heel (Bad Guy) and also teamed up with D lo’s opponent at Summer Slam Jeff Jarret. Where Henry teamed with Jarret and helped him win the titles, Jarret gave Henry the European title, his reign was short lived as he dropped the title to D Lo Brown at Unforgiven 1999.

Henry as Sexual Choclate

Henry then had a change of charter in 2000, calling himself Sexual Chocolate and therefore romancing all the women on the WWE roster, storylines with Chyna and May Young were the most memorable. During 2000 he feuded with Viscera as he attacked pregnant Mae Young (Carrying Henrys baby) she later then gave birth to a hand. As part of the gimmick Mark was also part of many different embarrassing storylines including one where he slept with a shemale (Mark did not know this, until getting in bed with the shemale)

Mark then went to OVW to make his wrestling better; he also won a weightlifting competition during 2001. Henry then made his debut on the Smack down brand in 2002; Henry again didn’t make much of an impression in 2002 and was again sent back to OVW to sharpen his skills. Henry then came back to the Raw brand in 2003 where he was now a Heel (Bad guy), Henry joined a group of American Americans which felt they were being suppressed by the white talent on the rosters. During this time Henry was used in the storyline between Goldberg and HHH, where Henry was working for HHH and therefore kept attacking Goldberg.

Henry was again sent back to OVW and again came back in 2005 to the Smack down Brand. Henry came back and cost Batista and Rey Mytserio the tag team titles to the group MNM, Henry joined with MNM and also had Melina as a manager. Henry went on to feud with Batista until Batista suffered an injury in a match with Henry causing him to vacate the World Heavyweight title. There was a battle royal to determine the champion and Henry was part of it but did not win as he lost the battle Royal to Kurt Angle.

Henry then went on to feud with Kurt Angle over the world title and had a match which he lost at the Royal Rumble 2006, After this Mark then went onto a feud with the Undertaker which led to Wrestlemania, Henry claimed that he would be the one to end the Undertakers streak, at Wrestlemania 23 Mark was unsuccessful and lost to The Undertaker in a buried alive match. Mark then again went into a feud with Kurt Angle as Henry cost angle a number one contender’s match, The two faced off at Judgement day 2006 where Mark won by count-out but was Olympic slammed threw a table by angle after the match had finished.

During April and may Henry was kaybface injuring many of the stars of smackdown, this was until Batista came back from injury and wanted revenge for when Henry injured Batista the year before, the two were scheduled to have a match at The Great American Bash 2006 until the night before where Mark Henry tore his patella tendon directly off the bone, causing him to forfeit the match. Henry then returned in 2007 and attacked world champion Undertaker costing him the world title to Edge. Henry had a short feud with Kane and after this feud Henry issued an open challenge for anybody to face him , after beating a number of jobbers, the undertaker answered henrys challenge and faced him at Unforgiven 2007 where Henry lost.

Henry Winning the ECW title

Henry then came back and had short feud with Kane and CM Punk while teaming with Big Daddy V, this feud was not for long and before Wrestlemania 24 Henry competed in a 24 man battle royal to see who would face Chavo for the ECW Championship, Henry was in the final two but then lost to Kane.  Henry then was drafted to ECW where he won the ECW title against Kane and The Big Show. Henry then started to be accompanied to the ring by Hall of Famer Tony Atlas, Henry finally lost the title to Matt Hardy at Unforgiven 2008.

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