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The first videogame that the fictional Mark Nutt appears in is London Olympics 2012. He was popularized by RoosterTeeth when the guys in the Achievement Hunter division of the company did a Let's play of the game.

Roosterteeth employee and video personality Gavin Free played as Mark Nutt in the archery event, as Mark Nutt represented England (Gavin's country of origin as well as the country he had selected for the game). Subsequently, as Gavin took shots with the bow and arrow he would yell, "MARK NUTT!" at the top of his lungs. Since the London Olympics Let's Play, Mark Nutt has become a running joke around their office and his name is still shouted in other Let's Play videos when a bow and arrow is involved.

The Roosterteeth/Achievement hunter fans have taken such a liking to the Mark Nutt persona, they've taken a fictional computer generated man, and made him one of the most popular non-existent sports figures. It's only a matter of time until some company uses the Mark Nutt image for some sort of advertisement.

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