Didn't realize this was coming out so soon

#1 Posted by Fearbeard (862 posts) -

For some reason I thought this game was still a long ways off. I'll be really curious to check it out. While the gameplay of the Shank series didn't always satisfy me, the art always did.

#2 Posted by l4wd0g (2187 posts) -

I'm going to try the free demo on XBLA. I'm hoping it's good.

#3 Posted by DharmaBum (1072 posts) -

Love me some stealth, hope this pans out well. Art style kinda reminds me of Samurai Jack.

#4 Posted by TeamJersey (388 posts) -

I will be picking this up.

#5 Posted by Scottish_Sin (238 posts) -

It looked pretty neat from that Quick Look: EX but I'll try the trial tomorrow myself when it hits XBLA then we'll see from there if it's a buy or not. Hope it turns out good though.

#6 Posted by KCDotCom (12 posts) -

Available now!

#7 Posted by ahab88 (259 posts) -

Downloading right now, hopefully I get some time with it before my 13 hour work day.

#8 Posted by impartialgecko (1742 posts) -

PC version. Make it happen Klei.

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