Hey, Mark of the Ninja’s Coming to PC, Too

#101 Posted by Little_Socrates (5834 posts) -

Oh, good, I'll wait, then.

#102 Posted by BadNews (607 posts) -

It was a fantastic game and I wouldn't be against getting it again.

#103 Posted by FoolishChaos (453 posts) -

Not unexpected, but not unwelcome either!

My xbox is too loud to play games on it anymore. Seriously, you have never heard an xbox this loud. Most games require subtitles

#104 Posted by Andorski (5469 posts) -

Day one purchase; not even going to wait for a Steam Sale.

#105 Posted by nick_verissimo (1440 posts) -


#106 Posted by Corvak (1329 posts) -

@DystopiaX: Sometimes its timed exclusivity, sometimes its permanent, but often its only referring to consoles.

#107 Posted by KillyDarko (1990 posts) -

I never expected the game to come to the PC so soon, but this is awesome news! :)

#108 Posted by Nation764 (120 posts) -

First sentence, TYPO!! You went to college, didn't you get marked down for having typos and misspelling words? Pathetic. It makes the whole rest of the site seem unprofessional. Its a shame, too, because the other guys are clearly professional. Once in a while might be understandable, but it is EVERY ARTICLE from this guy.

And he is a PAID WRITER!

#109 Posted by snakeitachi (214 posts) -

Awesome!!! :) Now release dust!!!!!!!!!!!

#110 Posted by Th3_James (2593 posts) -

Great now I don't have to play it on xbox :D

#111 Posted by BaconGames (3841 posts) -

What a weird precedent that Microsoft has set with its XBLA exclusivity shenanigans. Because Microsoft can't short change their own sales window, no one can really talk about other platforms but everyone else talks around the fact that its way more than likely its coming to PC.

#112 Posted by megalowho (1076 posts) -

Will happily purchase once it's on PC, glad it's soon. So many games!

#113 Posted by LarryDavis (1547 posts) -

If I had known, I would have waited, but guess what? Don't regret it, game owns. I will buy this again on PC, though probably when it's on a steam sale or something, like I did with American Nightmare.

#114 Posted by fildznuts (3 posts) -

Thanks be to the gaming gods! I really didnt want to have to go get my xbox back from my brother just for one game again!

#115 Posted by DJJoeJoe (1397 posts) -

I've bought so many live games lately that I finish 80% of then stop, then buy and finish the PC versions completely (games like Rayman for example).

Should I just assume al these games will all come to PC and stop buying the 'stop-gap' version on 360 yet?

#116 Posted by zFUBARz (677 posts) -

oh sweet, I was gonna plan it some time this week, I can wait though.

#117 Posted by CircleNine (390 posts) -

Glad to see its coming to PC via Steam. I don't have a 360 and this game looks great.

#118 Posted by Boiglenoight (599 posts) -

The PC is quickly becoming my primary gaming system. Mark of the Ninja, Trials...seems like the thing to do is wait for Xbox stuff to just come out on Steam.

#119 Posted by quirkwood (235 posts) -

Fuck, guess I'll be buying it again. :)

#120 Posted by Gutterkisser (240 posts) -

I'm glad I held off on buying the XBLA version, the convenience of my PC is unparalled at this point.

Might even be like Limbo and look phenomenal in Nvdia's 3D Vision.

#121 Posted by probablytuna (4242 posts) -


#122 Posted by snattu (71 posts) -

I hope it's coming to PSN too, or at least for linux.

#123 Posted by hollitz (2101 posts) -

Sweet, I'll grab it there instead.

#124 Posted by Jack_Lafayette (3851 posts) -

Awesome. Usually it takes up to a year to get these cool indie games from the claws of Microsoft and their fucking exclusivity deals.

#125 Posted by NuDimon (182 posts) -

Fuck yeah! Waiting for this was the right move. :D

#126 Posted by Oswell_Endswell (33 posts) -


#127 Posted by Rowr (5862 posts) -

Yay! I'll never go back to you xbox. NEVER!

#128 Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2741 posts) -

Happy I waited for this too.

#129 Posted by Mister_V (1689 posts) -

Hey... That's my birthday. Woohoo

#130 Posted by Koshka (201 posts) -

Will buy

#131 Posted by Shuborno (904 posts) -

Excellent news for it to be coming so soon!

#132 Posted by SpartanHoplite (429 posts) -

This is great news! Cant wait to try it out, hopefully it is as good as people say :)

#133 Posted by Dtat (1709 posts) -

Thank god. I was worried I'd have to put my credit card into Microsoft's system again.

#134 Posted by OrfBC (55 posts) -

Awesome! I knew it was coming, but that's much sooner than I expected.

#135 Posted by Razorlution (203 posts) -

Hopefully Microsoft will learn from its mistakes in the marketing and advertising department. Developers no longer trust your strategies and are jumping ship to a more profitable platform. They will get ten times the exposure on Steam and we will see this developer flourish like it deserves to.

#136 Posted by swedownhill (2 posts) -

This game looks really good, PC is great news, but I believe Mark of the Ninja would be perfect on PS Vita as well... I will, however, buy the game on PC day 1..

#137 Posted by Chobbit (26 posts) -

I have a 360 but like Brad I also have my PC attached to my TV. I was toying with the idea of getting it for 360, but now that it'll be out in all sorts of (hopefully) HD glory I shall be waiting impatiently for the PC release. Besides the DELUGE of games lately means I can postpone it for at least a month :P

#138 Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish (1751 posts) -

Aaand I bet that's where the sequel will go to first too. 

#139 Posted by liako21 (555 posts) -


#140 Posted by Snail (8776 posts) -

Mark of the Ninja follows a typical pattern for “exclusives” on Xbox Live Arcade, in which Microsoft ties up the game for a certain amount of time, and then it's released elsewhere. Sometimes the exclusivity is longer or shorter, but eventually, it leaves the nest.

And that is why I don't see the point of owning a 360. All you need is a PS3, Wii and PC for the current generation. Unless you're really into Halo and/or Gears of War sufficiently that it justifies owning a console for one game or two.

#141 Posted by briangodsoe (498 posts) -

Hopefully Steam will actually promote the fucking game.

#142 Posted by Curufinwe (1276 posts) -

"Hey" is a word that just shouldn't be in a headline.

#143 Posted by Vexxan (4625 posts) -

Great, my super old 360 barely had any storage left for another XBLA game so I'll pick this up on PC instead.

#144 Posted by DJJoeJoe (1397 posts) -

@briangodsoe: Promote it where? in the list where it always shows all new game releases? or in the box above it where it 'almost' always shows all new releases. Or do you mean big sale.

#145 Posted by Aristides (90 posts) -

While I'm not shocked, I am stoked to play this. And very glad it's coming across so soon, I feel like I had to wait forever for other XBLA "exclusives" to appear on Steam.

#146 Posted by Dagam (2 posts) -

Can wait to try this on PC.

#147 Posted by wizpig64 (35 posts) -

Glad I waited :D

#148 Posted by Akrid (1391 posts) -

It's the 16th and it's not even marked on the coming soon list on Steam. What's the dealio?

#149 Posted by Bloodgraiv3 (2729 posts) -

Now hopefully it comes to PSN.

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