Hitting the reset level option.

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I love this game, by far one of the best games I have played all year. But one thing, one very small thing, that has ruined the game for me and made me stop playing it several times now, is the reset level/checkpoint option. Not that the option in itself is bad. No, I play all stealth, no lethal, and I love the option to jump back every time I make a mistake or get noticed. But the two options, reset level / reset checkpoint, are way too close together. I have now several times hit the reset level option while in the middle of a level. True I could be more careful, I could read the options out before hitting A. But hitting reset usually comes down to habit and muscle memory, and the few times my memory glitch, it totally ruins my experience.

I would have loved a designated “restart at checkpoint button”, or at least if it had been harder accidentally hitting the wrong option. Anybody else "keep" hitting the wrong option?

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I hear what you're saying! I've only recently begun playing the game, so I haven't really tried what you're refering to, but I could imagine it becoming a nuisance at some point :) I've tried it in plenty of other games, where options that are very different in "results" but comparable in name, are easily mistaken. And, it usually as you say, involves games in which a lot of reaction / muscle memory style actions are taken. Such as in Trials or indeed MotN :)

Anyway, what I came to think about was the way that Trials resets you. Pressing the "B" button resets you to latest checkpoint, and pressing the "back"button restarts the level. I don't imagine the same amount of resetting and restarting is necessary in this game, but anyway - if they worked in (again, haven't played it for long, so not sure if the button is already used) a way to reset to last checkpoint by pressing for instance the back button.

Anyway, that's a thought - and I guess I totally agree with you, even though I haven't really tried it yet :)

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