If any game warranted DLC...

#1 Posted by ShalashaskaUK666 (542 posts) -

ITS THIS!!! Bloody hell I'm havin so much fun with this I just want WAY more levels!! Anyone else not particularly thinking the campaign was too short, but would welcome more levels and missions?

I'm usually against DLC as a rule, but I would adore more levels to ninja my way through!! :D

#2 Posted by MildMolasses (3229 posts) -

I don't understand the "against dlc" mindset. The reason it's offered is the exact reason you want more MotN. That's how the free market works. You can't be ok with it all of a sudden simply because it's for a game you love. Either you are against the idea of it, or like everyone else, it's an available option for games that you really enjoyed and would like more of. It's not a sinister undertaking

#3 Posted by Sjosz (486 posts) -

I'd buy a Mark of the Ninja 2 if it just expanded a little on the different types of environments.

#4 Posted by JCHenderson (128 posts) -

I would love extra levels. I am loving the game but I have found most levels look the same. I know it is hard to do with a game with so much darkness but a bit of a change up would be good to see.

#5 Posted by klinkcow (255 posts) -

I would gladly pay for more MotN

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