Is it possible to beat this game without killing anyone?

#1 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6320 posts) -

So I just got this on Steam, and I really want to play it.

But I was looking through the achievements and saw this:

Basically, I want to play through the entire game without getting this achievement.


Before I embark on this amazing journey I'd really like to know if this is even possible. Reading some of the other achievements makes it seem like there are story related characters that might have to die, but I have no way of knowing if those would even count for this.

Okay thnx you.

#2 Posted by SuperSambo (2863 posts) -

From memory, no. The first level you have to due to tutorial stuff.

#3 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4676 posts) -

It is possible. Not sure about your first time through. Once you get the suit that reduces the amount of sound you make it becomes easier.

#4 Posted by Viking_Funeral (1785 posts) -

There's one kill you have to do for the tutorial. It might not be there for NG+, but I can't confirm that.

#5 Posted by MikeGosot (3227 posts) -

So what you want to achieve is... Not getting that achievement? Wow. But yeah, you need to kill at least one dude in the tutorial.

#6 Posted by MildMolasses (3220 posts) -

It's probably like the One Free Bullet achievement, where you have to do it once, just don't do it a second time.

As has been pointed out, you probably won't be able to do it until you get some of the late game upgrades

#7 Edited by DocHaus (1329 posts) -

Actually, you can do a no-kill full stealth run with the default suit. Doing it on your first run through the first level? I'm not too sure you have the equipment for that yet.

There's only three characters I can think of that absolutely have to die in the story iirc. One that can be accomplished by chandelier, one about 2/3 through the game, and one you have to choose at the very end.

#8 Edited by GentlemanlyGentleman (320 posts) -

I'm pretty certain I got through the tutorial without killing anyone. So I'll say, yes you can.

#9 Edited by jking47 (1211 posts) -

I am pretty sure you can beat it without killing anyone. The chandelier thing people are thinking of I remember throwing a poison smoke bomb and not killing anyone.

edit: oo I dunno about first time through

#10 Posted by Ravelle (1261 posts) -

There isn't an achievement for it though so personally I think it's not really worth it.

#11 Posted by fox01313 (5072 posts) -

No as you are a ninja & you will have to kill at one point in the game. That being said, once you get through to the last outfit to use, you can easily sneak/distract through a level without killing anyone but this is after playing through 90% of the game. If you want to play a invisible assassin game without killing anyone, then maybe you need to rethink what you want to play.

#12 Posted by traesko (2 posts) -

You can't go through the game without killing, since there are three specific characters you must kill in order to progress.

But everyone else, guards and dogs, you can let live. I am certain.

#13 Posted by Cerevisiae (75 posts) -

@MikeGosot said:

So what you want to achieve is... Not getting that achievement? Wow. But yeah, you need to kill at least one dude in the tutorial.

Nope. In the NG+ you can just leave that guy alone. There are three (I think) mission-related kills, though. I haven't gotten to them yet in the NG+.

PS: The game is doubly fun in the NG+, with all the marks and tools. I definitely recommend at least playing the game twice if you enjoyed it.

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