So much fun ghosting! (not killing enemies)

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#1 Posted by AssInAss (3243 posts) -

Ghosting in this game is so much fun and tough as nails! I love when stealth games build that kind of playthrough into their design and reward system. It's not a chore like it can be with some stealth games. I'm up to Chapter 4 now, and just focusing on not killing any enemies. You make SO MUCH points.

Noisemaker is a life-saver, but using it within the guards' sound cones is tricky if you want to get past without touching them.

lol at "Dog Slumber"

Can't wait to ghost and not kill enemies in Dishonored.

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#2 Posted by Humanity (15851 posts) -

@AssInAss: I started out doing that as well but the kill animations are so awesome and theres so many different ways to kill those hapless guards I switched over. I think you just miss out on a ton of cool abilities by ghosting although it is a ton of fun.

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#3 Posted by DJJoeJoe (1422 posts) -

Seems you can make more points killing them, because you can go past them and get the undetected points then kill them, get those points then hide the body and get those points. Though you do get the bonus for having a kill free run, so it all evens out in the end anyways.

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#4 Posted by AssInAss (3243 posts) -
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Path of Silence suit is so badass! Got it on Chapter 5.

Finest ninja game ever.

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#5 Posted by Nadafinga (1040 posts) -

Kinda surprised there's not an achievement for doing a full non-lethal run of the game.

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#6 Posted by minotaka (335 posts) -

Really need to find out if killing dudes and disposing of the bodies = a higher score bonus than just sneaking. I'm only on ..... chapter 3 ? and I noticed you grab about 5k for being a sneaky sneak.

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#7 Posted by Rafaelfc (2217 posts) -

sneaking is totally awesome, but murdering the shit out of everyone is so goddamn satisfying in this game! it took some willpower for me to make a total pacifist run, and yeah, that was totally exhilarating as well. fantastic game imo.

Also, the box is not useless as the guys said in the bombcast, I use it a ton.

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#8 Posted by LazyChan (14 posts) -

Killing actually nets you more point. You get undetected, distract, terrify bonuses. You also get over 600+ points for enemies team killing each other plus the hide bonus. 5000 points for a pacifist run is a lot of points but if you kill all the enemies in the stage and do all the above you'll net a ton more.

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