Unable to get scroll 2 on level 8?

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Has anyone else had this problem? On level 8, "The Inner Keep", I've picked up scroll number 2 three separate times and it's not showing up in the menu. This is the scroll that's in the challenge room where you have to drag the bodies through the lasers.

I may have screwed it up because the first time I did that room, I didn't quite do it 'properly'. At the very end, instead of throwing a body across the electric pole to deactivate the final laser, I climbed up and over, dropping down between the electric pole and the laser. I then touched the electric beam from the left, which knocked me backwards through the laser, where I was able to pick up the scroll.

I've since re-done it the correct way (by disabling the final laser), but subsequent attempts haven't actually made the scroll show up in any of the menus. Has anyone else encountered this? I'm hoping there's a fix, because I don't want to have to play through the entire game again to get that achievement.

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Are you sure that is actually scroll number 2? Is it possible that there is still another one around and you have just mistakenly convinced yourself that the challenge room one is the one you need?

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