Where's my PC release please Mr. Steambot?

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So on 24th September many gaming news outlets including our dear GB ran a story saying that MOTN was being released on PC via Steam today (16th October 2012).

So where is it?

I've also seen conflicting information from different sites, some of whom suggest that its a worldwide release and others seeming to hint that its US only. What the chuff is actually going on? Anyone?

It doesn't even seem to be in the Steam database at all as if you search for it there are no results. I'm getting an annoying Renegade Ops vibe here. That game was due to arrive on Steam and then without explanation the release date just kept getting shifted back and back. I hate to sound impatient... but I am so that's how it comes out.

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Klei on twitter (https://twitter.com/klei) seems to think that it's releasing today.

Also says it should be out in all regions, no restrictions - "as far as [they] know"

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One of the developers are Uber has been tweeting for the past 2 weeks that he's been playing a close to done developer builds on PC. It's clearly on the way.

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I keep searching on Steam but am seeing no sign of it. Why won't they let me give them my money?

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