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Island of Happiness

Mark is the default name of the male main character from Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness and Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands. He first arrives on the island after his boat is caught in a violent storm. He is accepted by Taro, the village's elder (and at the time, one of the only inhabitants of the island) and asked to help rebuild the village by raising money through farming.
If the player selects a female main character, Mark arrives on the island shortly after all of the facilities are built, and makes his home in the hotel on the east side of the island. He can then be wooed as a potential love interest.  

Frantic Farming

In Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming, Mark is among one of the initial playable characters. His missions and story mode stages are among the easiest to complete out of the twelve playable characters. Most of his time is spent with Natalie (the daughter of Taro) attempting to stem Sunny Island's growing crop problem.
Mark's special ability is Dog Rush, which summons a dog to fully grow all of the plants along the edge of the game field. 


Mark doesn't have any particular likes or dislikes, but marrying him is significantly more time- and money-consuming than courting the other five bachelors. Unusually for a Harvest Moon main character, Mark will talk to himself on occasion (most HM main characters are silent protagonists). He talks much more frequently in Frantic Farming, where he is one of the selectable playable characters.

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