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Marle is the first person who joins your party in Chrono Trigger, and by accident too! Soon afterwards, she proves to be an necessary character to the continuation of the story. Marle proves to be a valid party member and a worthy addition to Crono's gang. A real tomboy and a brave one too, Marle wouldn't mind picking a fight with anyone who wants one.

While being a major character in Chrono Trigger, Marle only appears in a smaller role as a younger version of herself in Chrono Cross.

Weapons And Tech

Marle is a surprising character when used right, typical of any other character found throughout Chrono Trigger. Rather than depending on attacks, Marle tends to use more support spells and techs to get the party a way out of danger, and proves very useful that way too. Marle uses a crossbow as her main weapon for attacking enemies, however Marle makes better uses of her skills using the various heal techs she learns later on in the game. Although weak at the beginning of the game. These heal techs can make the difference in some fights and can sometimes even heal the entire party if used as a dual tech. Although as well as here healing abilities, Marle can use ice attacks to defeat foes, once she learns magic and really pack in a punch in a fight because of it. Marle is best used in  tandem with Crono or Frog, her dual tech abilities with these two maximize her damage and healing potential.


Marle is actually Princess Nadia of the Guardia Kingdom. It is revealed that she despises here royal heritage and one day goes in disguise as someone normal to visit the millennium fair. This is where she bumps into Chrono as she speeds round the place, with her losing the royal pendant, which Crono finds and hands back to her. From there on, Marle follows Crono as he sees round the fair and its many attractions. Although following the demonstration of the Lucca's teleporter, Marle decides to try it out herself. Yet a freak accident occurs, and she is sucked into a time portal opened accidentally by Lucca, with Crono and the gang following her to rescue the princess in 600 AD. While with Crono in the goal to save time (in fact, she suggested it in the first place) Marle intends to uses the time travel capabilities gained as a way to solve the royal disputes with her father.

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