If any game ever needed a quicklook, it's this one!

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I was just pondering on why no game has ever made me laugh and I find this:

About the Game

A new breed of WARRIOR returns, committed to destroying the enemies of FREEDOM

When ONE angry man, has a world to protect - There is only ONE future – HIS OWN

No-nonsense hero Marlow never shied away from danger or trouble. But now he faces his ULTIMATE challenge. After crash-landing in Central America, he has an industrial evil to defeat whilst bound to an ancient Mayan Death Mask who’s had no-one to talk to for 2000 years. Another day at the office only this time Marlow is PUSHED TO THE LIMIT , his sweetheart has been abducted, the bad guys are making up their own rules and only one man can judge them – and EXECUTE THE SENTENCE .

Fearlessly fighting through Mayan temples and towering valleys, monstrous machinery, nothing, but nothing, will stand in the way of this bad ass warrior, his girl and the crushing of all opposition.

They told him to go to HELL, he was DEAD ready.

With cliffhanger over the top action and cinematic gameplay, Marlow Briggs takes inspiration from the best of blockbuster films, comic book heroes, and action games with its focus on relentless high-octane combat, exotic and danger filled environments and epic set pieces.

• Fight the enemies of FREEDOM with stacks of awesome combos and magic abilities,

• Single handedly destroy HUNDREDS of enemies

• Deploy MIGHTY weapons of destruction

• Leap out of HUGE EXPLOSIONS in slow motion

• Reveal the DEADLY secrets of the Mayans

• Save the ENTIRE planet

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This game looks so bad, yet I want to buy it just based on how over the top this description is....

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I think what sold me on it is the fact that it knows it's stupidly bad already and then the developers just said "fuck it, let's just go with it"
So yeah, Quick Look would be cool but I won't sit here and pretend that I won't add this game to my already big ass pile of "bad but still stupid amounts of fun"-games.

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Not before they do a quicklook for this fucker! Gah, I've been waiting for weeks =(

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I purchased this game immediately after it popped up on Steam, and solely because of the ridiculous irreverence shown in every second of its marketing and explanation. Is nice to have a black main character too, though.

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They told him to go to HELL, he was DEAD ready.

Game Description of the Year right there. The game itself looks hella boring, though.

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Man I wish they were doing a quick look of this game. It seems ham fisted in a way the GB community loves. Probably the only God of War clone I'd be interested in.

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I would be all over this, but it's kind of telling that if even the trailer looks dull as shit in spite of their work to make it look otherwise, then the game is probably noooooo fun at aaaaaaaaaaaall.

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According to Kevin VanOrd over at GameSpot, it's actually pretty good. Best God of War ripoff in years, apparently.

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Apparently this game is not that bad, but actually rather enjoyable. I haven't played it myself though.

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Without Giant Bomb I would have never have have seen this trailer, never been won over by it's overwhelming dumbness, never immediately clicked over to Xbox.com to buy it, and never spent 15 bucks on a game that has a pretty good chance of being terrible.

I hate this website sometimes.

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