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Martin Summer is a bestselling author who stays the night in Room 211 at the Hotel Dusk. He is a man of many words, but little substance. His most famous work was a book titled "The Secret Word", which was hailed as a brilliant work of art and considered to be the debut of a fantastic new talent. However, every book Martin has released since has been considered a disappointment. Former detective Kyle Hyde stays at the hotel on the same night and begins to learn that Martin is hiding a secret. Hyde becomes determined to uncover this secret during his search for the hotel's connection to Bradley.


Martin Summer's lifelong dream was to become an author. As the years passed by, though, he began to realize his dream was slipping away from him. When he was about to abandon all hope, he met a man named Alan Parker. Alan too had a burning passion to become a writer, and the similarities between the men drew them together to become close friends. Alan had not given up on his dreams. There was a contest coming up, where the winner would be published. Alan was determined to finish a manuscript to submit for this competition. He showed his work, The Secret Word, to Martin for his opinion. Martin was blown away in awe and despair. The work Alan had created was brilliant, and was everything Martin could never achieve. Martin, overcome with dark thoughts and jealousy, put his name on the manuscript and submitted it in Alan's place. Martin Summer gained the praise and fame for the book instead of its true author. Alan was unable to deal with this betrayal and disappeared shortly thereafter.

Martin published other novels after The Secret Word, but none of them held up to the same quality as Alan's story. Martin began to dread the thought of what he had done. He tried to find Alan in an attempt to reconcile with his former friend, but Alan was nowhere to be found. Martin remembered Alan speaking about a place called Hotel Dusk, which held a precious memory for Alan, and chose to stay as a guest at the hotel in the hopes of finding his long lost friend so he could make amends.

What he found instead was Kyle Hyde, a former New York policeman who was now a traveling salesman. Kyle began to unravel the secrets surrounding Martin when their packages got mixed up in a delivery. Kyle received Martin's box, which contained Alan's original manuscript. Martin also dropped a pen down in the hotel restaurant containing the words, "To Alan, With Love." This was a pen given to Alan by his mother, which Summer now possessed. Kyle was able to put the pieces together and got Martin to confess the truth about his past.

Link to Osterzone

In the package sent to Kyle Hyde, there was also a bookmark that Martin was fond of. The picture represented the most famous painting of the artist known as Osterzone. This painting was titled "Angel Opening a Door". The original painting had been stolen three years prior to the night Martin and Kyle stayed at the Hotel Dusk. Seeing the bookmark started a fire in Kyle to find out more about the painting, which ended up being the painting stolen by Bradley back on the fateful night in New York.

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