There are six character types, five of which work to grant bonuses, when attacking or being attacked by types they are stronger than.

Tacticians: Green

Blasters: Red

Brusiers: Blue

Scrappers: Yellow

Infiltrators: Purple

Generalists: White

The following are the bonuses enacted when attacking a weaker type.

Tacticians > Blasters

- Tacticians get two attacks during their turn when attacking Blasters.

Blasters > Brusiers

- Blasters score critical hits every time when attacking Brusiers.

Brusiers > Scrappers

-Brusiers gain additional Enraged bonuses (increase attack and accuracy) when attacking Scrappers.

Scrappers > Infiltrators

-Scrappers automatically attack by Brawling (hitting with their fist, augmented or otherwise, not with their weapon), when attacking Infiltrators.

Infiltrators > Tacticians

-Infiltrators gain an automatic counter-attack when ever they attack or are attacked by a Tactician.

Generalists do not provoke any special action, when attacking or defending.

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