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@islaja said:
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This game is pretty legit:

As soon as I found that I was kind of on board with some of the dedication to the Marvel Universe. A have heard of a few other examples of some cool stuff like that. Sadly a lot of the other lore is loaded into non voiced text dialogue. If they plan on adding more content to this game more stuff like this would be certainly welcome.

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Overall I'm pretty happy. Got Scarlet witch to 11, at first she was a bit boring but it has been much more enjoyable once I got more powers unlocked. I probably wouldn't care for it that much if it was a generic IP, but good application of the IP + decent gameplay works. How long I stay with it will depend on new content, character drop rates and/or character prices coming down.

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its boring, graphic sucks, animation sucks, sound sucks, voice acting sucks, pretty much everything sucks, you are better off playing diablo 3.

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