Has anyone seen a new Hero as loot yet?

#1 Posted by Funkydupe (3459 posts) -

I've played 9 hours and I haven't seen a costume or a hero drop. I'm sure they're supposed to be Super Rare (get it?! HAHA) ...


If a hero has dropped as loot for you post here please. I want to know if I should expect to ever find one for free. :)

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If the drop rates would need to compare to the prices of some of those costumes and heroes, I'd expect hundreds of hours to see one. That is the kind of MMO time you'd expect to get a Real World valuable drop.

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FYI, you will not see heroes drop until after your first playthrough. Moreover, if it is anything like the beta was, it's about a 5% drop chance for any of the special items, and having SF on your gear will just increase those chances.

#4 Posted by Paraptorkeet (24 posts) -

They only drop from bosses the first time you beat them in a 24 hour period. Even then it's very rare. Find and equip gear that improves your 'special item find' stat to increase your chances.

Honestly though save yourself some frustration and just buy the hero you want. It's worth it.

#5 Posted by tonnous24 (44 posts) -

I unlocked Scarlet Witch within my first hour.

#6 Posted by alternate (2797 posts) -

@tonnous24: everyone get a second of the free starter heroes after the prologue

#7 Edited by SeanFoster (915 posts) -

I unlocked one of the free starter heroes upon defeating the final boss.

No costumes.

#8 Edited by BRG9000 (112 posts) -

I had a Thing costume drop as I played through Chapter 1, my first time through it. I was playing the Thing. No heroes have dropped though.

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I got a Daredevil drop really early in the game. Like, soon after the tutorial.

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I love how there are so many people ( me included) looking for a way to unlock characters without money. I personally want cyclops and hope I can trade for it or something.

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I'm playing as Daredevil and got a random drop of Hawkeye in the first half hour. Nothing in the six hours since then. Word on the street is that just about any of the paid characters COULD drop, but the odds are very stacked against you.

EDIT: @alternate Ah, just saw your post. That's pretty smart of them. Get the kids hooked early on playing for drops, then progressively frustrate them until the wallets come out!

#12 Posted by Jackel2072 (2509 posts) -

i wonder if a paid hero would ever drop? like Iron man or Captain America?

#13 Posted by rebgav (1442 posts) -

You get one for beating the tutorial for the first time and one for beating the final boss for the first time. I've also had one more drop for a total of three on one playthrough.

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With a limited amount of chapters it seems like the content in this game would dry up pretty damn quickly by the time you got new heros. I'm not seeing the long term benefit in investing in this game either money or time wise.

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@demoskinos they are eventually going to add more story and pvp content

@jackel2072 in beta i've gotten 2 non-starter hero drops and so have others i've played with

#16 Edited by Mystyr_E (1361 posts) -

got Storm first pick, after prologue got Hawkeye and mained him

beat game...........got Hawkeye. GRR

#17 Posted by rebgav (1442 posts) -

@mystyr_e said:

got Storm first pick, after prologue got Hawkeye and mained him

beat game...........got Hawkeye. GRR

I think that the duplicate character tokens are the only way to improve your ultimate though, so it's not a total loss.

#18 Posted by danmcn12 (87 posts) -

I got a drop immediately, but it was another free one. I'm sure the expensive heroes are super rare, and probably need someone of those rarity boosts you have to buy. They need more content or to make the heroes cheaper.

#19 Posted by Istealdreams (159 posts) -

I got a hulk drop on electro. First play through 2nd defeat.

#20 Edited by super2j (2072 posts) -

I got a hulk drop on electro. First play through 2nd defeat.

woooow luccky!! so I guess i need to go and just killing bosses?

#21 Edited by WinterSnowblind (7597 posts) -

@jackel2072 in beta i've gotten 2 non-starter hero drops and so have others i've played with

Drop rates were significantly increased for the beta though.

#22 Posted by BisonHero (8638 posts) -

@demoskinos: The content in Diablo 3 or Torchlight II dries up pretty quickly too. But they con people into continuing to play to get better loot, or to play on higher difficulties where they tweak enemy offense/defense slightly. Still, the whole genre is a racket and sorta creatively bankrupt, as they're all still basically aping Diablo 2, with slight improvements.

If I'm going to play an overhead action-RPG thing, I'm only going to make time for something as cool as Bastion. D2 clones are dead to me, and it baffles me that people still play them. Gotta satiate that loot lust, I guess.

#23 Posted by kishinfoulux (2883 posts) -

It's gonna differ for everyone. I've played for 2 hours and haven't unlocked anyone. Honestly I'd only want to unlock Thor and Nova (when he hits the store) so I'm fine with it.

#24 Posted by super2j (2072 posts) -

ok how about this. If I were to use that rarity potion to increase the chance of rare items at my next boss battle? (i just got to the xmen section). Then maybe I can get a cyclops? or trade someone for a cyclops? I wonder what i need to do to get more of those?

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There should be an entry level for the guys that want to have Heroes drop, like buy the game for seven dollars and get an increased drop rate. A premium drop rate if you will.

#26 Posted by DeathTrap (337 posts) -

@super2j said:

I love how there are so many people ( me included) looking for a way to unlock characters without money. I personally want cyclops and hope I can trade for it or something.

So far as I know, there is no trading system. Just drop items on the ground and hope the other party is honest, I guess.

#27 Posted by MildMolasses (3193 posts) -

@reisz: I imagine they would rather just have you fork over the money for the exact character you want

#28 Edited by Fredchuckdave (7693 posts) -

@bisonhero: Titan Quest is solid because you can mod the shit out of it and the mods are much much better than something like Torchlight, still has a very strong community here: http://www.titanquest.net/tq-forum/forum.php

I'm something of a neophyte so I mostly just use things like "X3 monsters" but the last boss in TQ is this big crazy motherfucker who'll nuke you down almost instantly your first few times playing the game (like D2 Diablo) and fighting 3 of him at the same time is really amusing. But really just look at this shit: http://www.titanquest.net/tq-forum/threads/43718-Release-Diablo-2-Immortal-v1-64

I guess it's kind of sad that the best D2 clone came out 7 years ago.

#29 Edited by alternate (2797 posts) -

I guess I am an edge case in that I like the setting but am not in to any real characters - so I played with Scarlet Witch for a while, didn't like her even though I usually play ranged - switched to The Thing and like him a lot. I guess I will just stick with this off brand Hulk. See no reason to switch and I am not going to play through more than once anyway,

#30 Posted by Moridin (730 posts) -

I got the Magneto's Acolyte costume for Colossus from Magneto, while playing as Colossus. I was psyched! Haha.

#31 Edited by Rhaknar (6299 posts) -

28 hours, about 6 of those in end game, no hero (or costume drops).

#32 Edited by Funkydupe (3459 posts) -

15 hours; 0 heroes, 0 costumes; 1 fortune card that gave me extra XP and nothing else remotely interesting found as loot. The loot is just vendor/crafter npc food; I'm doing okay as a level 20+ with the stuff I equipped around level 12, killing everything by spamming aoe attacks. I doubt I even want to play this more after I complete this playthrough.

#33 Posted by ZeeGreat1 (22 posts) -

I've had one costume drop from the first time I beat Shocker and have had several fortune cards but no heroes so far, honestly if you really want to play a particular hero just buying it would save you a lot of frustration

#34 Posted by demonknightinuyasha (521 posts) -

My buddy decided to keep playing based on the fact that he lucked out and got a Rarity booster potion and Deadpool like the first night he played or close to it, either way something ridiculously short. Personally I've gotten Daredevil and Thing as drops, a couple of retcon potions, and an Iron Man Starboost costume (which I already had because I decided to go in on the game the Iron Man founder pack thing)

#35 Posted by ouranou (29 posts) -

Got Cyclops drop off of the first Bullseye fight about an hour after they patched it to increase character drop rates...

#36 Edited by Veektarius (5456 posts) -

I've only gotten a costume drop for Deadpool and it was the one I already had.

#37 Posted by Robo (848 posts) -

I stopped playing for about a week then jumped back on Hulk the other day. First boss kill got me a Storm...didn't need it, since I already have a Storm, but apparently they can be used to upgrade ultimate abilities if you already have a character. I wish they were trade-able.

I'd like to see a costume or two drop. And I'd like to see something other than a 30 min experience boost from fortune cards.

#38 Posted by Rhaknar (6299 posts) -

played the game for about 125 hours, the only hero I ever saw drop was around hour 110 and it was Cyclops...when I was using Cyclops (I bought him and rocket Racoon). Never saw a costume either. I gave up shortly after, Ill go back when theres a (good) sale on some heor Im interested, because that was my favorite part of the game anyway, lvling them and getting the new spells and whatnot.

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