Marvel Heroes 2.0 Update - Asgard

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So I just got the email this morning and while with the past updates there haven't been a whole lot of temptation to hop back in, this one might be the one to get me back in just for a little bit. So I guess the big news of the 2.0 update besides new characters / costumes is the introduction of Asgard zone probably to tie in with the new Thor film that came out this week. Wonder if other people from the community were interested in hopping on and playing some or has that ship pretty much gone.

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I jumped back in and check out the playable Loki(haven't paid for a ton characters but this one i felt was worth paying money for). I'm only lvl 10 and seems pretty OP which makes sense for the character i guess.

Haven't seen the new zone or story stuff yet.

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@jedted: Tthe other week they added in Gambit to the fold and I saw some players running around as Ghost RIder. Don't think he's been officially release and people are just beta testing him or something. Grabbed Gambit the other day and started playing through some of the beginning portions again, really happy that Gazillion is not only adding new content but are also making updates to the first 8 zones. But yea the Asgaard stuff looks pretty amazing when you eventually get to it.

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The game in general has gone through a few big changes in game mechanics and features - The dev team is really good at keeping things interesting.

It's still a click-till-things-die type of game, but it's still pretty fun for me :).

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As soon as Gambit gets a discount Im definitely back in.

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As soon as Gambit gets a discount Im definitely back in.

Well he was 25% off during the holiday sale. Seems like you missed it.

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